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Conference Session 109

Exploring an e-book future (e-book lending models, copyright and other issues). World café

Public Libraries with Metropolitan Libraries

Congress track 5: Ideas, innovations, anticipating the new.

19 August 2013 13:45 - 15:45 | Room: Nicoll 3

Part 1 (13.45 - 14.45):
Putting principles into practice: global initiatives to secure access to e-books in libraries

  • Introduction
    INGA LUNDÉN (IFLA Governing Board, CLM, Metropolitan Libraries Section, Swedish Library Association, Stockholm Public Library, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • The Norwegian digital bookshelf
    VIGDIS MOE SKARSTEIN (Norwegian National Library, Oslo, Norway)
  • Quebec's public libraries platform for providing their patrons with e-book access
    MARC BOUTET (De Marque Québec, Canada)
  • Update on the situation in Singapore
    IVAN KOH (National Library Board, Singapore)
  • Readers First. A movement to improve e-book access and services for public library users around the world
    PAUL WHITNEY (Vancouver, Canada)

Part 2 (14.45 - 15.45):
Securing access to e-books - short term and long term

World Café discussion based on the IFLA e-lending principles.
Topics: legal issues, advocacy and market/business models

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