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Conference Session 133

Information Coordinators & Web Editors (1)

20 August 2013 11:45 - 12:45 | Room: 333

Presenter: Louis Takács (IFLA Communications Officer / Web Content Editor)

Introduction to editing the IFLA website for new Information Coordinators & Web Editors—or those thinking of becoming one. 

Topics covered to include:

  • your role as Information Coordinator
  • creating an account & getting to know your Section's content
  • using Drupal
    • content types
    • file browser
    • IFLA Codex
  • best practices on creating effective new content & maintaining old pages
  • using other platforms for Section work
    • blogs
    • social media
    • mailing lists

This will be an informal presentation and question and answer session open only to IFLA Information Coordinators & Web Editors.  Newly appointed Information Coordinators are strongly encouraged to attend.

Another session for more advanced users is also available on Thursday, 22 August from 11:45-12:45.

Last update: 15 July 2013