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Conference Session 166

Government libraries as voices for open government

Government Libraries with Law Libraries and Government Information and Official Publications

Congress track 2: Policy, strategy and advocacy.

21 August 2013 09:30 - 11:30 | Room: Nicoll 3

This session will provide an introduction to open government. It is open to all IFLA participants who wish to discuss the theme, its set of features and how could be applied on current information procedures in the government sector and as part of citizen services.

The format will be flexible and interactive. Selected panelists will introduce topics by way of a 5-10 minute presentation. They will then chair round table sessions with participants from the audience, discussing the impact of these topics on their library services, how to effectively put the plan introduced in the presentation in place, and more. The outcome of each discussion group will be given by the original speaker or a Section member as a session wrap-up.


  • Access to administrative information: an issue for better citizen participation
    REYNA JOSVAH-RABIAZA (Committee for Safeguard of Integrity - CSI, Madagascar) and CAMILLE ESTHER RAHELIARISOA (Ministry of Fisheries and Halieutic Resources, Madagascar)
  • The demand side of open government
    ARI KATZ (Beyond Access, IREX, USA) and MATEJ NOVAK (Bibliomist, Ukraine)
  • Voices for open government: open data as panacea
    DUNCAN OMOLE (ERA Service Manager, Information and Knowledge Solutions, The World Bank Group)
  • Public Libraries – the government library you use most often!
    PAUL NIELSEN (Albany Public Library, City of Albany, Western Australia, Australia)

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