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Conference Session 67 D

Producing IFLA standards – a “how to” session for IFLA units

IFLA Market

17 августа 2014 12:15 - 13:30 | Room: Forum 2

IFLA publishes a wide selection of standards, covering a varied range of library activities and services. They are aimed at providing a common understanding of processes and methods in developing information and library services and products across all countries and library types. The standards are written and compiled by the IFLA professional units – sometimes working in their own specific area, sometimes collaborating with other professional units or organisations outside IFLA.

The Committee on Standards has produced a manual to help guide the production of these documents. It covers how to take the steps needed to produce an IFLA standard - from building a base of best practice, to writing a document, seeking input on the contents, correctly formatting it and finally seeking IFLA endorsement.

Representatives from all IFLA professional units (Sections, Special Interest Groups, Strategic Programmes) should attend this session to take back ideas from, and information on, the new procedures manual to their Standing Committees. They are also welcome to bring suggestions for improving the manual or the procedures around the production and publication of IFLA standards. It doesn’t matter if your unit already manages a list of its own standards, or if it has never produced any, this session will have information and ideas for everyone.

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