New Professionals Special Interest Group with Education and Training

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Conference Session 122

Residency models on the rise - chances and challenges for new librarians, educators and employers

New Professionals Special Interest Group with Education and Training

19 августа 2014 09:30 - 12:45 | Room: Salle Gratte-Ciel 1-3

In recent years, residency models seem to be on a rise in librarianship, providing an alternative model to the conventional concept of internships most of us know. But what are distinctive features of residencies? How do they differ from internships? What are potential benefits and downsides of both concepts for new librarians, educators and employers? Are there even other ways to let students and new graduates gain working experience at the beginning of their career? Let’s find out during this session!


  • Introduction to residency models and related concepts (Bridgette Hendrix & Sebastian Wilke, Information Coordinator & Co-Convenor, NPSIG)
  • Short reports by participants on their experiences with residencies
  • Participants build their own residency model using the hackathon approach
  • Presentation of final concepts

As the agenda suggests, this session is supposed to be open and based on the input of all participants. We encourage everyone to share their personal experience on the topic with each other and to actively contribute to hacking new residency models.

Last update: 3 July 2014