Art Libraries with Science and Technology Libraries

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Conference Session 149

SCIENCE+ART=CREATIVITY: Libraries and the New Collaborative Thinking

Art Libraries with Science and Technology Libraries

19 августа 2014 16:00 - 18:00 | Room: Amphithéâtre | SI

Promoting creative synergies between the arts and sciences is the motivation for STEM to STEAM initiatives in many countries. When coupled with the arts, the STEM disciplines--science, technology, engineering, and math--are empowered and STEM expands into STEAM. On the other side of the equation, artists, designers, and curators are witnessing the revolutionary impact of scientific thinking on their modes of practice. This session highlights collaborations between art practitioners and scientists as well as the library collections and services that support the intersection of these two spheres.

Moderator: SANDRA LUDIG BROOKE (Princeton University Princeton, United States)

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