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الخميس, 22 اغسطس 2013

Honours and Awards at the Closing Session

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During the Closing Session on 22 August, IFLA President Ingrid Parent and IFLA Professional Committee Chair Ann Okerson conferred the following honours and awards...

2013 Scroll of Appreciation    ​Silvia Cecilia Anselmi:  IFLA Commumicator of the year 2013    Best IFLA Poster 2013

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In the Spotlight

IFLA WLIC 2015 = Cape Town, South Africa!!!!

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IFLA WLIC 2015 -- Cape Town, South Africa

During the Closing Session, IFLA President Ingrid Parent officially announced the host location for the 81st World Library and Information Congress.

IFLA 2015 will be held in Cape Town, South Africa!

Join us in Cape Town, South Africa on 13-21 August 2015!

Watch for more information on


and the winners are..

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Winning names for a couple of IFLA sponsored contests were drawn yesterday by IFLA President-elect, Sinikka Sipilä.

  • The winner of the free registration for IFLA 2014 in Lyon, France is:
  • The winner of the free IFLA T-shirt is newcomer:

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Closing Session


22 اغسطس, 16:15-17:30


Exhibition Hall 404-405

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  • Address by the President
  • Presentation of Awards
  • Thanks to the outgoing Governing Board
  • Introduction of the new Governing Board
  • Announcement of WLIC 2015 location
  • Vote of thanks WLIC 2013
  • Invitation to WLIC 2014 in Lyon, France
  • Address by incoming President Sinikka Sipilä
  • Close of the Assembly

Uneasy Truths

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Dr Cherian George


My thoughts today are stimulated by a sense of unease..."

Dr Cherian George, a Singaporean writer and academic, made it clear from the beginning that his plenary speech would cover some uneasy truths. Indeed, the propositions he put forth suggested that what is portrayed in the media is not always what it seems. Quite the contrary, mainstream media often adjusts truths to regulate the opinion of the masses. However, it is in such an ambiguous landscape that he believes the role of librarian as ‘custodians and curators’ of information is more important than ever.

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A new hybrid reality for libraries

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Parag Khanna

During yesterday’s Plenary Session, Parag Khanna explored the different trends that have brought us to what he terms the “Hybrid Age”, which is ultimately a confluence of previous ages: the Information Age, Industrial Age, Agrarian Age, Stone Age. Widely varying technologies are merging and humans are merging with technology. As technology becomes ubiquitous, it is also becoming more intelligent, integrated and social.

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Highlights from the IFLA Highlights Session

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IFLA Highlights Session

The following is a summary of Tuesday's IFLA Highlights Session.

IFLA Trend Report

IFLA President Ingrid Parent provided an overview of the just released Trend Report, which was prepared through an extensive process.  The breadth and depth of resources compiled on the IFLA Trend Report platform, and summarised in the Trend Report Insights Document, reflect the input of a range of experts who have volunteered their time and services in 2013. Since the report holds a CC BY-NC 3.0 licence, Ingrid encouraged people to be creative and proactive in its use. This can be done through conducting workshops, conferences and the hosting of events. She also encouraged library communities to translate the report and engage with their members on the subjects involved.

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In the Spotlight

Strong Libraries, Strong Societies : Libraries promoting Development


22 اغسطس, 08:30-10:30


Nicoll 3

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Sinikka SipiläPresident-Elect's Planning session

Focusing on the concept of strong libraries as a foundation for strong societies in order to promote development, IFLA President-elect Sinikka Sipilä and her team will brainstorm and develop new ideas.

New and senior professionals from all over the world are kindly invited to participate in this event: your presence will define the impact of the achievements.

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