Congress theme: “Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities”

2013 IFLA Academic and Research Libraries Attendance Grant recipients in Singapore

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2013 IFLA Academic and Research Libraries Attendance Grant recipients

The IFLA Academic and Research Libraries Section (ARL), with generous sponsorship by ExLibris and Sage, offered three Attendance Grants for IFLA WLIC 2013 to an information professional from each of the following regions: Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and the Asia/Pacific Region.

Following an application process, which attracted 60 responses, the 2013 recipients are:

Africa – Joseph A. Semugabi, Librarian - Law Development Centre, Kampala, Uganda
The Congress will provide a firsthand opportunity to further understand and appreciate the role of IFLA and its commitment to further the interests of library and information professionals. I believe the Congress will also contribute to my professional development as I interact with best practices and well researched presentations in the context of the new information and communication technologies that are inevitably shaping a rather different library of the future. It will undoubtedly stimulate and inspire my own research, further reading and writing on such pertinent issues. As President of the Association of Uganda Law Libraries (AULL), an Association I helped to found in 2010, I will convene a meeting and share the insights contacted during the Congress to address the unique problems and challenges facing law librarians in Academic Institutions. I will also ensure that AULL obtains membership in IFLA to ensure continued participation in its activities.”

Sasekea HarrisLatin America and the Caribbean – Sasekea Harris, Academic Librarian, University of West Indies
I am a young professional (31 years old), a member of IFLA and this will be my first attendance to an IFLA conference. The conference will provide me with the opportunity to meet and interact with leading professionals and to forge associations with them in the interest of future library development in Jamaica. Accordingly, the conference is indeed a timely and value adding opportunity for me and by extension my Jamaican/Caribbean colleagues. As an avid supporter of IFLA I also welcome the opportunity to share with my colleagues on librarianship in Jamaica and by extension the Caribbean through the delivery of a presentation at this event.  

Aditya NugaraAsia/Pacific – Aditya Nugara, Head of Library, Petra Christian University, Surabaya, Indonesia 
What makes me so eager to attend IFLA Congress is the fact that it will be attended by so many librarians and information professionals from all over the world. I will benefit greatly from the interactions and networks that I could harness from such an international forum. Specifically, the theme of the Congress (Future Libraries, Infinite Possibilities) is also of great interest to me. I have been passionate about what future libraries might be. The fast developments in information and communication technology have rapidly shaped the changing landscape of library and information field. These technological advances have created enormous changes in the way people live and use libraries. For libraries to survive, they need to adapt and redefine their roles and functions in serving their user communities. I work in an academic (university) library, where the majority of the users are the Digital Natives generation. This makes the theme even more relevant and crucial to me professionally.

The 2013 recipients will receive their Certificates at the Academic and Research Libraries Section’s Hot Topics Session – Session 151 on Tuesday 20 August, 16:00-18:00 in Session Room 3.