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Yeo Pin Pin

الخميس, 22 اغسطس 2013

A new hybrid reality for libraries

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Parag Khanna

During yesterday’s Plenary Session, Parag Khanna explored the different trends that have brought us to what he terms the “Hybrid Age”, which is ultimately a confluence of previous ages: the Information Age, Industrial Age, Agrarian Age, Stone Age. Widely varying technologies are merging and humans are merging with technology. As technology becomes ubiquitous, it is also becoming more intelligent, integrated and social.

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الثلاثاء, 20 اغسطس 2013

At the IFLA Markets

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How to get published

What your IFLA Section can achieve – planning and strategy

Is your Unit planning to submit a professional project proposal to the IFLA Professional Committee this year? Yesterday’s session gave some good tips that will increase your chances of success in gaining approval from the IFLA Professional Committee.

  • Align with one of IFLA's Key Initiatives;
  • Understand the processes and steps of good project management and display this in your project proposal;
  • Share your plan and feedback with others;
  • Include in the proposal a plan for your intended marketing, communication and dissemination channels to help promote your project. 
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