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Jane Wee

Martes, 20 Agosto 2013

At the IFLA Markets

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How to get published

What your IFLA Section can achieve – planning and strategy

Is your Unit planning to submit a professional project proposal to the IFLA Professional Committee this year? Yesterday’s session gave some good tips that will increase your chances of success in gaining approval from the IFLA Professional Committee.

  • Align with one of IFLA's Key Initiatives;
  • Understand the processes and steps of good project management and display this in your project proposal;
  • Share your plan and feedback with others;
  • Include in the proposal a plan for your intended marketing, communication and dissemination channels to help promote your project. 
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Infor: 20 Years as IFLA’s Officers’ reception sponsor

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Ann Melaerts, Infor’s Managing Director and IFLA President Ingrid Parent at the 2013 officers' reception

Infor, a provider of integrated library system (ILS) solutions, is best known in Europe. Its products, namely Iguana and V-smart are used by a variety of clients, including: the Vatican Library, a network of libraries in Belgium and Paris, the Volusia County Public Library in the United States, and the Essex County Libraries in the United Kingdom.

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Lunes, 19 Agosto 2013

An Eye Opening Ceremony!

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Opening SessionSingaporean culture and inspirational words at the Opening Session

IFLA delegates were given a glimpse of Singaporean culture through a series of multi-ethnic, beautifully harmonised performances: a Chinese dragon dance, rhythms from an array of traditional and modern percussion, a Chinese lion dance with a welcoming message in Singapore’s four official languages and beautiful dance steps that were distinctly Chinese, Indian and Malay all at the same time. 

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