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AATA Online: Abstracts of International Conservation Literature

ALA/ALCTS Preservation Week

CIN (Conservation Information Network) (In English and French)

CLIR (Council on Library and Information Resources)

COOL (COnservation OnLine: Resources for Conservation Professionals)

DLF (Digital Library Federation, U.S.)

ECPA (European Commission on Preservation and Access)

ERPANET (Electronic Resource Preservation and Access Network)
(Available in English, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish)

GRIP (Gateway for Resources and Information on Preservation)

GRIP-hosted publications

  • ECPA Report: Preservation Science Survey: An Overview of Recent Developments in Research on the Conservation of Selected Analog Library and Archival Materials (Porck and Teygeler, 2001)
  • ICA Publication: Preservation of Archives in Tropical Climates: An Annotated Bibliography (Teygeler with de Bruin, Wassinak and van Zanen, 2001)

Heritage Preservation (USA)

IADA (International Association of Archival Material, Books and Graphic Art on Paper Conservators

ICA (International Council on Archives)

  • See Committee on Preservation in Temperate Climates and Committee on Preservation in tropical Climates
  • ICA Electronic Publications on Archives Storage

ICOM (International Council of Museums)

ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property)

IFAR (International Foundation for Art Research)

IFLA Core Programme for Preservation and Conservation (PAC)

IFLA Electronic Collections

IFLA PAC/UAP Directory of Digitized Collections Worldwide

IFLA Publications and Other Resources

IFLA Round Table on Newspapers: Medium Term Programme, 2001-2003

IIC (International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works)

IPC (Institute of Paper Conservation, U.K.)

IPI (Image Permanence Institute, Rochester Institute for Technology)

Joint Information Systems Committee (U.K.)

LAC (Library and Archives Canada) Bibliography of Standards and Selected References

Library Preservation and Conservation Tutorial - Southeast Asia

NCPTT (National Center for Preservation Training and Technology) Preservation Internet Resources

PADI (Preserving Access to Digital Information)

Preserve/Net Links

RESTAURO (In German)

Preservation Education and Awareness for Library Users

Sciences & Patrimoine Culturel - Portail de la conservation-restauration des biens culturels (In French)

ScreenSound Australia

SEPIA (Safeguarding European Photographic Images for Access)

UNESCO Libraries Portal: Preservation and Access Initiatives

UNESCO Memory of the World Programme

Disaster Management: Selected Links

Conservation Online: Disaster Preparedness and Response

Disaster Recovery Journal

Emergency Preparedness Canada

Federal Emergency Management Agency (USA)

Forum Bestandserhalyung: Notfall (Emergency) (In German)

Heritage Emergency Task Force (USA)

ICOM Museums Emergency Programme

ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites)
Blue Shield Preparedness and Emergency Response Program

IFLA - International Committee of the Blue Shield

Library of Congress: Emergency Preparedness

M25Consortium of Higher Education Libraries: Disaster Control Planning Site

Museum Security Network

National Library of Australia: Disaster Planning and Recovery

ScreenSound Australia: Fire-Affected Video Tapes, Photographic Materials, Audio Materials

UNESCO Emergency Programme - Protection of Vital Records in the Event of Armed Conflict

UNESCO: Floods in Europe: Damage to Libraries and Archives

Western Association for Art Conservation Newsletter

National Libraries and Preservation: Selected Links

Biblothèque nationale de France, Conservation (In French, English and Spanish)

Koninklijke Bibliotheek (The Hague, Netherlands): Expert Centre, Preservation
(In Dutch and English)

Library of Congress Preservation Directorate

National Library of Australia, Preservation Activities/Policy and Planning

National Library of Sweden

Preservation Advisory Centre, British Library, U.K.

Preservation and Conservation

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