Statement of Candidacy for IFLA President-elect

To serve as President 2015-2017

Buhle Mbambo-Thata (South Africa)

Buhle Mbambo-Thata   Executive Director of Library Services
   University of South Africa (UNISA)
   Box 392
   Pretoria 0003
   South Africa
   Tel +(27)(12)4293131 / 4293844

Theme: Libraries build futures: positioning libraries at the heart of human development

Thank you to all who nominated me.

IFLA, the global voice for libraries, provides strategic leadership on global information matters. In a maturing knowledge society, with redefined information power relations, IFLA must sustain the voice that speaks for all types of libraries, and enhance the leadership role of libraries and library communities in shaping the knowledge society that is enriched by diverse contributions. I am honored to have been nominated to be President-Elect to carry the IFLA torch and enhance the global voice of libraries in these exciting and challenging times.

My vision is for a resilient IFLA that builds on the great work done by a succession of excellent leaders. I will continue to position IFLA as a truly leading global organisation that speaks for and on behalf of libraries, regardless of location. I envisage:

  • A networked IFLA, that actively collaborates with partners to build communities of practice and engagement. 
  • A thought- leadership IFLA in which its components are empowered to provide leadership. 
  • A global IFLA that preserves, and reflects, the human heritage of its members, their communities, and their languages, bringing together innovations based on different knowledge systems.
  • A people centered IFLA, with people development at its core.

Together we can build an organization that enhances the knowledge sanctuaries which are libraries; bringing hope to generations with unequal information access and shaping a visionary federation focused on the future.

I have served IFLA passionately. I am all set and excited to continue to serve our great Federation and its members.

I request you to vote for me. Thank you

For more information please visit:

Buhle Mbambo-Thata