Elections: Professional Section Standing Committee Member

To serve August 2021-August 2025

Voting begins 26 April 2021. Eligible voters have until 12:00 CEST on 24 May to cast their votes.


IFLA’s Section Standing Committees drive forward and carry out IFLA’s professional activities. Each committee sets out an action plan for their term of office in which they seek to accomplish activities which will assist the global library field. This could be through communication, development of guidelines or toolkits, publications or learning opportunities such as webinars. The Section Standing Committees actively seek members from across all IFLA regions so that a range of professional perspectives are contributed.

Who can stand for this position?

Anyone may stand. Candidates do not have to be an IFLA Member or Affiliate and if elected, are elected in their own right and not as the representative of their employer or nominator. 

What is the term of office?

The term of office is four (4) years from 2021 – 2025. This term is renewable once, although individuals would need to stand again for re-election. 

What are the roles and responsibilities for this position?

Each individual member of a Section Standing Committees is expected to contribute time and energy towards achieving the goals set out in the Action Plan developed by the Section. They are expected to attend meetings of the Section Standing Committee without cost to IFLA, and to contribute to the work and virtual communication of the Committee. 

It is useful if a Section Standing Committee member is also in a position to be both an ambassador for the IFLA Section in their own country and to represent the views and ideas of the country on the Section Standing Committee. This means being able to disseminate the Section’s news, requests, calls, project information, etc. within their own country and to be a conduit for their country to bring to the Section’s Standing Committee suggestions, views, news, written reports, ideas for projects, translations, etc. 

What skills and attributes do I need for this position?

A candidate for this position should be able to demonstrate:

  • expertise, experience and interest in the thematic focus of the Section; 
  • ability to understand and work with a diverse range of colleagues;  
  • proven record of developing ideas and practical outputs which support the work of the library field; 
  • willingness and ability to devote time and energy to the role – this is usually a few hours per month; 
  • time allowance to prepare and attend meetings of the Section Standing Committee; 
  • an ability to act with respect, trust, confidentiality and transparency and recognize the need to protect personal and privileged information. They must declare any conflicts of interest and abstain from discussions where they have a conflict or potential conflict of interest. 

How many nominations do I need?

Each candidate requires one (1) nomination for this position.

Who can be a nominator?

IFLA Members and Affiliates can nominate individuals for the Section(s) to which they are registered.

Those eligible to nominate for this position have received an election email containing information describing how they can submit a nomination.

How many candidates can each Member or Affiliate nominate for this position?

Each Member or Affiliate can nominate as many candidates as there are vacancies for the Section to which they are registered. A list of the Sections and their vacancies is listed below.

How do I find a nominator?

We recommend that you contact the Chair or Secretary of the Section in which you have an interest. They will be able to put you in touch with a member in your country or region who may be willing to nominate you.

How do I submit my nominee consent form?

Those wishing to stand as a candidate will need to submit a nominee consent form for this position. This should be done once a nominator(s) have been found. In this form you will be asked to provide a 200 word statement describing how you demonstrate the skills and attributes required.

A nomination only becomes valid when there is a match between the number of required nominations and a completed nominee consent form.

Section Standing Committee Member Vacancies 2021-2025

  Section names Vacancies
1 National Libraries 8
2 Academic and Research Libraries 14
3 Library and Research Services for Parliaments 10
4 Government Libraries 15
5 Social Science Libraries 10
7 Science and Technology Libraries 15
8 Public Libraries 11
9 Library Services to People with Special Needs 15
10 Libraries for Children and Young Adults 10
11 School Libraries 11
12 Bibliography 11
13 Cataloguing 9
14 Acquisition and Collection Development 13
15 Document Delivery and Resource Sharing 15
16 Serials and Other Continuing Resources 10
17 Government Information and Official Publications 14
18 Rare Books and Manuscripts 5
19 Preservation and Conservation 13
20 Library Buildings and Equipment 8
21 Information Technology 12
22 Statistics and Evaluation 13
23 Education and Training 10
24 Library Theory and Research 10
28 Health and Biosciences Libraries 8
29 Subject Analysis and Access 16
30 Art Libraries 7
31 Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities 9
32 Library Services to Multicultural Populations 11
33 Literacy & Reading 10
34 Management and Marketing 8
35 Audiovisual and Multimedia 15
36 Reference and Information Services 13
37 Genealogy and Local History 15
39 News Media 14
40 Management of Library Associations 7
42 Information Literacy 9
43 Continuing Professional Development & Workplace Learning 6
46 Metropolitan Libraries 14
47 Knowledge Management 5
48 Law Libraries 12
49 Environment, Sustainability and Libraries 20
50 Indigenous Matters 18