The National Bibliographies and New Technologies working group has the mandate to develop, promote and spread solid knowledge about emerging and cutting-edge technologies as powerful tools for advancing several aspects of national bibliographies and national bibliographic agencies.

Topics that fall within this scope are the application of the linked open data paradigm to national bibliographies for the collaborative sharing of national bibliographic and authority data on the web and with other institutions. The application of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies is seen above all from the perspective of national bibliographies, exploring their great potentials and transformative capabilities, and analysing the implications of AI-generated content on the national cultural and publishing output, their copyrightability and their national bibliographic control.

Focus areas

The working group has two main focus areas:

  • Linked Open Bibliographies: Linked data and semantic web technologies and their applications in exposing national bibliographic data and in the fields of cultural heritage and digital humanities.
  • AI For and In National Bibliographies: The applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the context of national bibliographies and the value of AI generative content for national bibliographies’ mission.

Scope of work 

  • Offer a set of guidelines for integrating AI and LOD technologies into national bibliographic workflows.
  • Activate a strategy to promote the adoption of AI and LOD within the national bibliographic community.
  • Develop inspirational materials that will urge national bibliographic agencies to apply new languages to the conservation, preservation, and broader distribution of national bibliographies, and supporting national bibliographic agencies in maintaining an authoritative function with respect to metadata producers operating on the web.

The different outputs would inform the future revisions of the “Common Practices for National Bibliographies” in relation to applying new technologies to national biographies and the work of national bibliographic agencies.


Members of the working group are part of the IFLA Bibliography Section Standing Committee, with possible established liaisons with relevant partners inside and outside IFLA. The working group is expected to be an ongoing working group to support the sustainable application of new technologies in the realm of national bibliographic work.