Scope of Professional Reports

Professional Reports should be relevant to IFLA’s global audience, and seek to drive forward excellence in library and information services. The scope of the series includes, but is not limited to:

  • Guidance and case studies on implementing IFLA Standards and guidelines [the standards and guidelines themselves should already be available Open Access from IFLA’s website];
  • Reports and articles on emerging trends in areas of professional practice;
  • Substantial project reports, for instance reports from section projects.

Authors should consider the following criteria in preparing reports:

  • Originality
  • Importance to practitioners in library and information services;
  • Relevance to IFLA, standards, guidance and policy;
  • Interest outside of the profession;
  • Relevance to global IFLA audience;
  • Peer review by experts.

Content that we do not publish

  • Standards and guidelines – these documents are made available Open Access through IFLA’s website;
  • Content not directly relevant to IFLA or library and information services;
  • Translations of existing Professional Reports are no longer assigned a new report number – they are made available alongside the original language version.
    For guidance on translating IFLA documents, please see:

Guidance to Authors

IFLA welcomes proposals for new Professional Reports. Authors should submit their proposal to the Professional Council indicating the scope of the report, writing and review process, and proposed timeline to publication. The Professional Council meets and discusses proposals in April, August and December each year.

  • The usual length of a Professional Report is between 20-60 pages. Reports may include images;
  • Authors must secure permissions for use of any third-party content including quotations, images, and charts;
  • Reports are made available Open Access (CC-BY 4.0 license) through the IFLA website, and in future through the IFLA Repository.
  • The original language version (in English or another official IFLA language) is made available in print (black and white only) for purchase from IFLA Headquarters;
  • IFLA will provide a template for the report. IFLA Headquarters will liaise with authors on cover design and layout;
  • IFLA does not apply for ISBNs for Professional Reports;
  • IFLA cannot offer editorial or peer review services. IFLA does not provide project funding for production or translation of Reports;
  • Finalised reports should be submitted to the Professional Council, indicating the peer review process undertaken to ensure the quality and reliability of the content.

Submit your proposal

Contact Information

For further information about the Professional Reports, or to discuss a proposal, please contact