Sustainable buildings, equipment, and management

For any construction project, just as for any complex undertaking in general, a checklist provides a useful means of confirming that everything has been considered. Although it cannot claim to be exhaustive, the following list of aspects of planning, construction, and also library operation, is designed to help ensure that everything has been considered. This checklist is equally helpful for the green library project planners, managers, students, researchers, analyst, and policymakers.

The checklist covers the green building project planning, financing, site selection, structure, construction, materials, climate, energy management, recycling as well as green information and communication technology (Green IT), User services, Library facility management, strategic goals, marketing and PR, Green building certificates and more.

The Green Library Checklist is available in all official IFLA languages and many others.


The Checklist is a part of The Green Library = Die grüne Bibliothek. The challenge of environmental sustainability/ed. on behalf of IFLA by Petra Hauke, Karen Latimer and Klaus Ulrich Werner. München/Boston: De Gruyter Saur, 2013. VIII, 433 pp., ill. (IFLA Publications, 161) ISBN 978-3-11-030972-0.

Available in Open Access via the Humbolt University—Berlin.

Additional Translations

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