Public Library Governance: International Perspectives

by Edward Abbott-Halpin and Carolynn Rankin (Eds.)

Series: IFLA Publications Series 176
Publisher: Berlin/Munich: De Gruyter Saur, 2020

IFLA Publications 176Major changes in public libraries throughout the world have led to an increased focus on governance issues. Forging successful futures for public libraries depends on effective governance.

This book defines governance and examines its many facets in relation to public library provision internationally, differentiating governance from the policies, processes and practices of public libraries. The perspectives of leaders, practitioners, researchers, decision makers, and service users are presented, offering a variety of views from the past, the present and potential approaches in the future. Decision-making and the roles of decision makers involved in governance are explored.

Prominent figures from the public library community throughout the world have contributed their knowledge and experience. Wicked problems facing the public library sector are identified and the varying approaches adopted internationally to deal with them are outlined. There are many practitioner and professional practice issues associated with provision of libraries and views on library usage and delivery vary according to user and practitioner standpoints. Globally diverse content provides directions for the future development of public libraries and for dealing with the emerging challenges facing the library world.

Public Library Governance: International Perspectives*
Edited by: Edward Abbott-Halpin and Carolynn Rankin
Berlin/Munich: De Gruyter Saur, 2020
ISBN 9783110530766
(IFLA Publications; Nr 176)

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