25 Years IFLA-UNESCO Public Library Manifesto (Poster)

On 29 November 2019, the IFLA-UNESCO Public Library Manifesto celebrates its 25th Anniversary. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the missions and work of public libraries.

To help in this, and as part of IFLA’s broader Public Library Manifesto Advocacy Toolkit, we have produced a poster which you can print out and use in your own activities around the anniversary.

Share information about what you are doing with us on social media using the hashtag #PublicLibraryManifesto!

Download the poster

  • English [PDF] [JPEG]
  • Español (Spanish) [PDF] [JPEG]
  • Français (French) [PDF] [JPEG]
  • Deutsch (German) [PDF] [JPEG]
  • Русский (Russian) [PDF] [JPEG]
  • 中文 (Chinese) [PDF] [JPEG]
  • ​العربية (Arabic) [PDF] [JPEG