Final versión 2017, as amended in 2018.

This is a conceptual or semantic mapping between the ISBD element set and the IFLA LRM elements. However, this mapping cannot be considered a formal alignment. The first aim of this conceptual mapping is to keep the consistency between IFLA standards, so this document would need to be updated whenever any of the documents are revised. The second aim is to help the ISBD Review Group in the work of the future revision of the ISBD by better understanding the semantic relationships between the ISBD data elements and the attributes and relationships defined in the IFLA LRM model.

This document consists of a table with sections for each ISBD area, establishing the mapping of each ISBD element to the corresponding IFLA LRM attribute, or, in a few cases, relationships. The methodology used for determining whether the semantic correspondence of elements is equal, broader or narrower is adapted from the methodology that was used in the Alignment of the ISBD: International Standard Bibliographic Description element set with RDA: Resource Description & Access element set Version 3.1 (17 February 2015) by Gordon Dunsire and the IFLA Cataloguing Section’s ISBD Review Group, and later in the Alignment of ISBD element set with FRBR element set, Final draft (July 2016).

The direction of this alignment is from ISBD to LRM only.

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Final version 2017, as amended in 2018 [Version 1.0 – English – PDF (416 Kb)]