IFLA has joined with over 40 civil society organisations across Europe in calling for the sharing of draft guidelines on the implementation of the controversial upload filter provisions in the Copyright Directive.

The letter, coming in the context of stakeholder dialogues about how to implement Article 17 of the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, calls for transparency as the process moves towards its conclusion.

Given the contradictions in the Directive, and the impacts it risks having on the rights of internet users, it is important to be able to offer comments on the guidelines that will result from the dialogues, before the document is finalised. 

To encourage the Commission to agree to this, IFLA has signed onto a joint letter led by the European Civil Liberties Union. This underlines gratitude for the willingness of the Commission to engage user rights groups in the process, and calls for the sharing of a draft of the guidelines, in the same spirit.

Download the letter as a pdf.