Hosted at OsloMet University through the gracious and untiring efforts of Professor Lars Egeland, the 2020 mid-term meeting focused on library publishing platforms (first morning session), on case studies and examples of library publishing services (first afternoon session), and in the second day’s full session on forms of collaboration and networking designed to support library publishing activities.  Each video linked here comprises about two and a half hours of presentations from each session.

5 March – Day one – Before lunch

Connecting and Empowering Library Publishers: An International Knowledge Exchange

  1. Opening
    Lars Egeland
  2. Welcome
    Ann Okerson, IFLA Professional Committee and SIG Library Publishing

Library Publishing Platforms

  1. Drupal as a Library Publishing Platform
    Allyson Laird – Penn State University Libraries (USA)
  2. Vega: Starting a new OA academic publishing platform
    Cheryl E. Ball – Wayne State University Libraries (USA)
  3. Shaping the Future of Scholarly Publishing: Library Participation in Enhancing Open Infrastructure
    Marisa MacDonald – Public Knowledge Project (Canada)
  4. Why operate a platform like tidsskrift.dk – the Danish National Open Access Platform?
    Jesper Boserup Thestrup – Royal Danish Library (Denmark)
  5. University Journals: A collaborative open access publishing platform owned by universities and linked to repositories
    Max Haring – University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  6. Questions
  7. Publication Density Problem: Publishing to bring attention to your work
    Elena Danilova and Kathleen Smeaton – The University of Queensland Library (Australia)

5 March – Day one – After lunch

Library Publishing Programs: Case Studies

  1. Small but Mighty: How a Team of Four Administers a Robust Library Publishing Program
    Sue Anne Gardner – University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA)
  2. Heading for the Open Science – experience of LUT Publishing House
    Katarzyna Weinper – Publishing House of Lublin University of Technology (Poland)
  3. Vienna University Press (VUP) and Its Publications
    Markus Stumpf – Vienna University Library (Austria)
  4. Publishing in the Public Library in Serbia
    Goran Trailović – City Library of Pančevo (Serbia)
  5. On the public library as publisher
    Mikael Böök – (Finland)
  6. Questions

Library Publishing Services 

  1. Evaluation of OA-journals – the role for the library
    Lars Egeland – Oslo Metropolitan University (Norway)
  2. Support for Good Peer Review
    Solveig Enoksen – University Library of UiT- The Arctic University of Norway (Norway)
  3. Library Publishing and Accessibility
    Talea Anderson – Washington State University (USA)
  4. Questions

6 March – Day two

  1. Information from IFLA Special Interest Group On Library Publishing
    Ann Okerson, IFLA Professional Committee and SIG Library Publishing

Library Publishing: Collaboration and Networks

  1. Introductions
    Gry Moxness, Oslo Metropolitan University (Norway)
  2. Nordic User and Development Network for Edx – Activity-based Learning Libraries
    Emma Vestli – Oslo Metropolitan University (Norway)
  3. Building a Comprehensive Collection of Library Publishers
    Jessica Kirschner – Virginia Commonwealth University (USA)
  4. Creating a Library Publisher Mentorship Program
    Allyson Laird – Penn State University Libraries (USA)
  5. The Irish Library Publishing Landscape: One Year On
    Jane Buggle and Marie O’ Neill – Dublin Business School and  – CCT College (Ireland)
  6. Wrap up Panel discussion – Library Publishing as a Driver of Open Access Scholarly Communication – Challenges and Opportunities
    Jane Buggle, IFLA Professional Committee and SIG Library Publishing
    Jesper Boserup Thestrup, The Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Marte Ericsson Ryste,  Cappelen Damm Akademisk, Publisher, Norway
    Jan Erik Frantsvåg, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
    Sue Ann Gardner, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Moderator: Lars Egeland, Oslo Metropolitan University