Guidelines for Use of ISBD as Linked Data (2016)

by the ISBD Linked Data Study Group

Publisher: IFLA

These Guidelines are intended for use by developers of applications that allow libraries to expose ISBD metadata for the Semantic Web. The guidelines aim to promote the use of the ISBD namespaces in the Linked Data environment.

Final draft (August 2016)

Table of Contents

ISBD namespaces
   ISBD element set
   ISBD value vocabularies
Constrained and unconstrained namespaces
Alignments and mappings
Application Profile and data presentation
Recommendations for use
   Using constrained properties
   Using unconstrained properties
   Mixing both constrained and unconstrained properties
   Extending the ISBD namespaces

Guidelines, ISBD, linked data

Last update: 13 November 2016