2018-2019 IFLA LGBT SIG Action Plan and Resource Request Form

by Anne Redacliff

Publisher: International Federation of Libraries and Archives

Click here for the complete 2018-2019 IFLA LGBTQ+ SIG Action Plan.

Objectives of Professional Unit 2018-19:

1. Provide guidelines for LGBTQ+ library services and collections around the world Promoting IFLA Standards to support libraries in the provision of services to their communities;

2. To increase awareness of LGBTQ+ issues as they relate to libraries Introducing libraries on the agenda of international organisations (eg. LGBTQ+ organisations);

3. To reduce inequalities for LGBTQ+ people, both as clients and staff in libraries Promoting libraries within the United Nations 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development (eg. Goal 10: reduce inequalities);

4. To provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ library professionals and their allies to meet Strengthening IFLA by building regional and sectoral capacity and participation across our activities.

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Last update: 26 December 2018