The pandemic has underlined the importance of digital tools as a means of reaching and serving communities.

However, for many in the library field, working with digital tools is clearly nothing new. Thanks to this, there is a lot of expertise and experience to share!

IFLA’s 10-Minute Digital Librarian series draws on this expertise, and previous initiatives such as ’23 Things’ in order to provide ideas for things you can think about, or try out.

Individual posts are placed on IFLA’s Policy and Advocacy Blog, but you can access full infographics for each part of the series here!

The 10-Minute Digital Librarian - Infographic on using digital tools to raise awarenessPart 1: Raising Awareness

1. Update your presence on Wikipedia

2. Ensure you show up on mapping tools

3. Improve your presence on search engines

4. Develop a plan for social media

5. Use social media analytics to understand your reach