Following feedback received from IFLA Members and volunteers over the choice of Dubai, United Arab Emirates as host for IFLA WLIC 2024, this webpage will serve as a space for relevant questions and answers to be shared. The page will be updated as new material is received.

What happens next?

Our immediate concern is to make a success of the 2023 WLIC, building on the excellent work of our Dutch colleagues. Nonetheless, those attending WLIC will have the opportunity to meet with colleagues from Dubai at the IFLA Booth in Rotterdam and find out more.

In this, our Professional Council will have its traditional role in coordinating the professional programme, working closely together with both the Governing Board and Regional Council.

Will IFLA oblige volunteers to participate?

IFLA removed the obligation for its volunteers to attend WLIC when it updated its Statutes in 2021. The removal recognised the financial burden on volunteers from some regions when attending WLIC. Volunteers are no longer required to attend WLIC and can, of course, contribute to other committee activities throughout the year.

When will the call for satellite meetings be issued?

We will issue the call in the coming months – watch this space!

When will registration open?

We anticipate opening registration towards the end of 2023.

Will participants be forced to follow specific dress codes or other behaviours?

Participant should be aware of cultural norms in the UAE where modesty is the key to behaviour and dress when in public. Further information will be provided on the conference website.

After the current WLIC 2024 debates, will future WLIC models be considered?

The incoming Governing Board will review the current model for WLICs and explore future options.