Agencies responsible for maintenance of bibliographic models and standards have recognised that alignment with these developing standards is essential if bibliographic standards are to have any relevance in the Semantic Web. A number of initiatives are therefore ongoing to define bibliographic standards in accordance with these recommendations.

In 2007 the IFLA FRBR Review Group created the FRBR Namespace Project to “define appropriate namespaces for FRBR in RDF and other appropriate syntaxes”.  The project produced a report in 2008. This effort is complete with the loading of the FRBRoo namespace in fall 2014.

The FRBRoo ("FRBR-object oriented") is an international initiative involving working groups of the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model and Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records to create an ontology to represent the semantics of bibliographic information and to enable improved interchange of library and museum metadata.

The RDA: Resource Description and Access and Dublin Core Metadata Initiative set up a joint task group to define an RDA Element Vocabulary and to disclose RDA Value Vocabularies on the open Web using the Open Metadata Registry. The project used RDF and SKOS to represent RDA vocabularies.

The Library of Congress BIBFRAME initiative is also using an approach informed by linked data developments in the library community to create a successor to the MARC 21 format.