ENSULIB has created a template  [in ppt] for a «What is a Green Library?» poster. This is intended for use by all kinds of libraries, and can be translated into your own language.

How to use: Include a QR code to link to a sustainability web page if your library has one, or to a strategy, or explicit «mission» to implement climate and environmental protection in the community or municipality. Use the photo frames to show your green library examples. Consider forming a team to take care of implementing green initiatives.

Display the poster in a highly visible location! Promote it by making posts on your library’s social media pages.

The first example from Germany (in German and English languages)  has been created by Janet Wagner ( email: Janet.Wagner@fu-berlin.de ) and her team for your reference.

You are welcome to submit your poster by using this template to us via email at nipun@um.edu.mo .  Your examples will be uploaded to the ENSULIB website to showcase your green libraries and practices.