The Advisory Committee on Cultural Heritage (CCH) oversees and coordinates work taking place across IFLA around cultural heritage, working to maximise its impact and reach.

It provides advice to the Governing Board on IFLA’s position and response to emerging issues in these areas, including response to emergencies.

In particular, CCH looks at how IFLA’s work on cultural heritage, including that of IFLA’s Preservation and Conservation Centres, reinforces the IFLA Strategy, raises awareness of cultural heritage activities with IFLA members and strategic partners, and supports IFLA’s policy development and advocacy in areas relevant to cultural heritage.

CCH has 10 members, including a chair, appointed by the Governing Board, as well as representatives from IFLA professional units working in cultural heritage as ex officio members, and additional expert advisors.

Its ex officio members have a particular role in ensuring a liaison between the Governing Board and IFLA Professional Unit cultural heritage activities.