IFLA supports libraries to promote culture and to safeguard and provide access to heritage, for the benefit of their communities, today and tomorrow.

Culture – both contemporary creativity and the heritage of the past – has a huge value for the vitality and evolution of peoples and their culture. Libraries have a key role in supporting both, in a way that promotes inclusive sustainable development.

In addition to their core focus on literature and other documentary works, libraries are increasingly engaged across a wider range of tangible and intangible forms of expression.

From developing literacy and artistic skills, supporting the discovery of new creators and their engagement, ensuring equitable access and possibilities to participate, libraries are key to the cultural infrastructure of any community.

In parallel, they also are the guardians of the memory of the world, safeguarding heritage and enabling people to enjoy, learn and be inspired. Benefitting current and future generations.

Realising this potential requires proper support – in the form of laws and funding – from governments and other opportunities, and the sharing of good practices within the field in order to maximise reach and impact.

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