Serials and Other Continuing Resources Section

Division: Library Collections

The IFLA Section for Scholarly Communication


The Section concerns itself especially with the issues at the intersection of scholarly communication and continuing resources in both the print and electronic environments. These include: library publishing; open access; repositories; publishing models; altmetrics and other types of metrics; text and data mining; bibliographic standards and control; national and international library cooperation; access and availability; conservation and archiving; collection management and development; pricing issues; copyright; and, relationships with publishers, suppliers and other scholarly communication and continuing resource related organizations.  The accelerating impact of technological developments and changes in the scholarly communication environment on library continuing resource procedures, business models, publishing models, and liaisons with suppliers and the serials publishing industry also fall within the purview of the Section.  As access rather than ownership, metrics and assessment, and storage and access to data become increasingly important issues, the Section is committed to working closely with the appropriate core Activities and Standing Committees within IFLA.

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Last update: 7 August 2018

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