Appointments: Special Interest Group (SIG) Committee Member

Term: August 2021-August 2023

Appointments will be made by parent committees in June – August 2021.


IFLA’s Special Interest Groups bring together individuals with common and continuing interests in cross-cutting or emerging areas of focus. The committee to support the activities of a Special Interest Group have been formalised in the new IFLA Governance. Special Interest Group committees may have up to nine (9) members.

Who can stand for this position?

Anyone can stand. Candidates do not have to be an IFLA Member or Affiliate and if elected, are elected in their own right and not as the representative of their employer or nominator.

What is the term of office?

The term of office is two (2 years) from 2021 – 2023. This term is renewable once, although individuals would need to stand again for re-election.

What are the roles and responsibilities for this position?

Each individual member of a SIG is expected to contribute time and energy towards achieving the goals set out in the Action Plan developed by the SIG. They are expected to attend all meetings of the SIG Committee without cost to IFLA, and to contribute to the work and virtual communication of the Committee.  

What skills and attributes do I need for this position?

Candidates for this position should be able to demonstrate:

  • expertise, experience and interest in the thematic focus of the SIG; 
  • proven ability to work successfully with a diverse range of colleagues;  
  • willingness and ability to devote time and energy to the role – this is usually several hours per month; 
  • time allowance to prepare and attend meetings of the SIG Committee; 
  • an ability to act with respect, trust, confidentiality and transparency and recognize the need to protect personal and privileged information. They must declare any conflicts of interest and abstain from discussions where they have a conflict or potential conflict of interest. 

How many nominations do I need?

Individuals can self nominate for a SIG committee so no formal nomination form is required. Those wishing to stand for a SIG committee should submit a self-nomination form.

Who can be a nominator?

Self-nominations are accepted for this position.

How do I submit my nominee consent form?

Those wishing to stand as a candidate will need to submit a self-nomination form for this position.

You will be asked to identify which Special Interest Group you are interested in joining. In this form you will also be asked to provide a 200 word statement describing how you demonstrate the skills and attributes required.