For the position of Governing Board Member 2017-2019

Barbara Lison

IFLA's success is based on the contributions by active members from all over the world. I wish to contribute to this crucial challenge of supporting democracy and cultural diversity as well as guaranteeing freedom of access to information through libraries.

I am especially committed to library policy and advocacy, marketing and governance issues. I believe in the success of networking with partners from different branches and from within the library field and am experienced in it.

Through my profound experience as speaker in conferences and trainer in workshops worldwide I am in contact with colleagues in many countries.This is a great chance to learn from each other and exchange knowledge.

I've been active for nearly 20 years in the IFLA Section of Metropolitan Libraries, currently as Standing Committee member. Since its establishment, I'm a member of IFLA's e-lending group supporting free access to e-books.

I had the honour of working on the IFLA Governing Board for two terms: 2011-2013 and 2013-2015. During this time, I chaired the IFLA-working group for multilingualism which initiated the launch of Spanish and French IFLA websites. I worked for the IFLA Trend-Report, the Lyon Declaration and the 'IFLA Code of Ethics'.

5 KEY OBJECTIVES you can expect from me, when I'm elected to the IFLA Governing Board:

Based on my national and international experience and activities I will

  • effectuate the worldwide enhancement of libraries, especially in the creation of a vision for their future
  • ensure the acknowledgement of the libraries' important role for the knowledge society in the digital age
  • take action in IFLA's International Advocacy Program with regard to the UN-Sustainable Development Goals
  • commit myself to fair copyright and e-lending conditions to achieve the right to e-read for library users
  • bring with me my long term expertise in the governance of library associations

Barbara Lison
Public Library system of Bremen
Bremen, Germany