For the position of Governing Board Member 2017-2019

Cheng Huanwen

I hereby confirm that, having been elected as member of the IFLA Governing Board, I am prepared to serve on IFLA Governing Board for the period of 2017-2019.

As a member of IFLA Governing Board from China with 1.4 billion population, representing the interests of more than ten thousands library and information services and their users, I commit to devote myself completely to fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of member of the Governing Board; to work together with colleagues from different types of library and information environments for striving to advance the cause of library and information services and to improve the practice of the profession. In pursuing the aims of IFLA, I commit to actively and effectively promote high standards of provision and delivery of library and information services, and freedom of access to and equitable access to information, ideas and works of imagination in China and the other countries.

For driving progress across the entire UN 2030 Agenda, as China representative for the IFLA IAP, I commit to focus on IFLA's purpose and continue to play a leading and active role in advocating and implementing the IFLA IAP of Libraries, Development and the UN 2030 Agenda at different levels of society in China.

Cheng Huanwen (程焕文)
Professor and University Librarian
Sun Yat-sen University Library
Guangzhou, China