For the position of Governing Board Member 2015-2017

Margaret AllenThe IFLA Trend Report challenged us all to consider our role in a changing world of information and technology. 

I recognise the critical importance of access to information, knowledge and ideas; however governments, policy makers and even our communities do not always recognise how vital such access is to the development of civil society and wellbeing. 

The digital world provides new opportunities for libraries to serve their communities; ongoing advocacy for copyright laws enabling libraries to meet their fundamental role of providing access to information is vitally important.  A strong IFLA voice is critical to balance the voices of a commercially focused world.  Access to all digital content requires our sustained advocacy.

Literacy is a cornerstone of informed and civil societies, without the prerequisite literacy skills to access information the fundamental role of libraries is significantly diminished.  Libraries must support literacy for all.

IFLA is in a unique position, as the global voice for libraries, to influence public policy at international and the national levels.  IFLA’s reach will be strengthened by partnerships that help to extend the reach, value and effectiveness of advocacy and programmes.  

I am committed to working with the President, Governing Board, members and staff of IFLA to strengthen and support our work in these and other priority areas.  My national leadership roles within Australia and recent involvement with the IFLA Leaders Associates Program ensure I can effectively contribute to the work of IFLA.  My experience with a wide range of libraries, together with my work on the Copyright and other Legal Matters (CLM) Committee and eLending Working Group prove my commitment to supporting my fellow members in a changing world of information and technology.

I ask for your support to enable me to work on your behalf as a member of the Governing Board.

Margaret Allen
CEO and State Librarian
State Library of Western Australia
Perth, Australia