For the position of Governing Board Member 2017-2019

Patrick Losinski

Few of us could have imagined that several decades of globalization would have impacted the library sector to such a degree.  Even fewer could have predicted that social and political forces would have convinced sizeable populations in diverse geographic locations to consider increased isolationism as a response to globalization.  Libraries stand out as one of the few democratic institutions that can promote dialog and serve as a bridge to help forge understanding among opposing views.  The world needs libraries more than ever!

Even those of us who have always had relative “ease of access” to libraries must staunchly advocate on behalf of those who struggle for basic access to information and other library resources.  And funding authorities must gain a stronger appreciation for the fact that libraries provide essential services; they should not be viewed as “discretionary” and quickly defunded during challenging economic times.  IFLA is the vehicle for speaking on behalf of library users – and those in need of libraries – everywhere.

If elected to the IFLA Governing Board, I will call upon my 35 years of library experience and my worldwide network of colleagues to hone our association strategies and to vigorously advocate for all libraries across the globe.  Throughout my career, I have worked to establish effective partnerships with school, academic, special and public libraries.  Columbus is home to award-winning academic and public libraries, as well as key information service providers such as OCLC and Chemical Abstracts, that attract librarians from around the world – providing constant opportunities to engage with peers.

My previous experience as Urban Libraries Council Board chair, service on two state library boards, co-chair of WLIC 2016, oversight of our library system’s $135M capital improvement program and many other diverse professional encounters throughout the world have prepared me to serve in this capacity.

Patrick Losinski
Chief Executive Officer
Columbus Metropolitan Library
Columbus, Ohio
United States of America