For the position of Governing Board Member 2017-2019

2nd term

Viviana Quiñones

For the last twelve years, I have strongly committed myself to IFLA work, as Secretary, then Chair of section Libraries for Children and Young Adults, then as Chair of Division III 2015-2017. So, ex-officio, in the last two years I have been a member of the Professional Committee and of the Governing Board. I have therefore gained experience in GB and PC work. I would like to make this experience available for the new GB, especially in these very exciting and also very demanding times for IFLA.

Deeply believing in the role of access to information -and particularly of libraries – for development, I have worked for many years in cooperation with African librarians for children, publishing a professional journal, coordinating participatory workshops and also participatory projects – which I have carried out at IFLA as well, such as Sister Libraries and The World through Picture Books on-going programmes. So I cannot but strongly agree with IFLA «Global vision – local impact» plan:

  • for a more inclusive, participative, “horizontal” IFLA with which any library in the world can engage;
  • for even more dynamic, action-oriented Professional Units ;
  • for building, world-wide, capacity and engagement for advocacy in favour of the role of libraries for sustainable development.

I wish to contribute, from within the Governing Board, to the implementation of these objectives. My knowledge of public libraries in different cultural contexts and of three of IFLA working languages, my IFLA experience as well as my energy and commitment would be, I think, good assets for a fruitful term as an elected GB member. It would be a great honour and a privilege, and I kindly request your support.

Viviana Quiñones
International Officer
Bibliothèque nationale de France/ Centre national de la littérature pour la jeunesse–La Joie par les livres
Paris, France