IFLA Governing Board Strategic Priorities 2009-2010


1. Society Pillar

Establish a program of work to get libraries on the agenda and promote IFLA's main advocacy themes of:

  • Intellectual freedom and access to information;
  • Equity and fairness in intellectual property rights;
  • Inclusion across the digital divide.

2. Professional Pillar

Ensure an effective structure with appropriate co-ordination of IFLA's professional activities to:

a) develop and increase IFLA's collective knowledge
base on current and emerging issues of professional practice, including
but not limited to:

  • strategies for libraries in the digital age;
  • the future of collections;
  • convergence between libraries, archives and museums;
  • disaster preparedness;

b) enable members to learn from each other by sharing success stories and best professional practice;
assist in disaster recovery, in partnership with the wider library and
information community and the broader cultural sector;
d) help to strengthen national associations and the professional infrastructure in countries across the world.

3. Member Pillar

Strengthen, develop and increase the membership base of IFLA by:

a) providing events and opportunities to enable networking and professional development;
b) a range of channels of communication with and between Members in the IFLA working languages;
c) a membership retention and recruitment growth strategy.

4. Infrastructure

Ensure strong foundations for IFLA's Three Pillars through:

a) stable and sustainable finances;
b) maintaining an appropriate and well motivated staff team;
c) a web/ICT structure which is fit for purpose;
d) maintaining good relations with the KB to ensure that IFLA's office needs continue to be met;
e) effective membership administration;
d) effective governance of IFLA.

Last update: 5 October 2012