We listen to and understand the priorities of the whole field, and amplify the message through advocating for libraries and their values on a global and regional level. We speak with insight, confidence and authority on relevant policies, ensuring that libraries are recognised and supported as critical community assets essential to achieving development agendas. We build a strong presence in international organisations and meetings as a valued partner. 


1.1 Show the power of libraries in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 

As a basis for effective library advocacy, we will produce high quality, high impact tools that demonstrate to external audiences the contribution of libraries to development in all of its dimensions. 

1.2 Build a strong presence in international organizations and meetings as a valued partner 

We will strengthen our links with key international institutions, in order to shape laws, guidance and programmes which benefit libraries. We will adopt a strategic, long-term approach, and build our reputation as an essential partner.

1.3 Work with library associations and libraries to identify key legal and funding challenges to their work, and advocate for action

Collaborating closely with members, we will strengthen our understanding and ability to deliver support for advocacy in priority areas at national and regional levels, including literacy, learning, reading, innovation, and access to knowledge and heritage. We will deliver on this through direct engagement, guidance, and high-quality advocacy materials.

1.4 Shape public opinion and debate around open access and library values, including intellectual freedom and human rights

We will provide practical and intellectual leadership to support open access and the broader values of our field. We aim to facilitate an understanding of libraries’ role as champions of intellectual freedom, encourage reflection, coordinate action, and advocate externally.