Poster Sessions

Poster presentations are scheduled for two, two-hour intervals between 12:00 and 14:00 on Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 August 2011.

Note: Numbers refer to actual board numbers in the exhibition hall at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

Number Presenter Country Poster Title
1 Patricia C. Franks United States Developing a blended Learning Model for an Online Degree Program in Library and Information
2 Shuzhen Zhao Canada Electronic resources management in academy libraries
3 Noraida Dominguez Puerto Rico Online Learning Communities: Enhancing the acquisition of information skills by undergraduate students of the University of Puerto Rico at Carolina
4 Tzu-heng Chiu
& I-Jan Chiang
China Building a Visual-aid relevance feedback biomedical information retrieval system
5 Marielle Veve United States The Streaming Guide to Cataloguing Remote Access Multimedia: An Open Access Virtual Manual
6 Li Jie, HePing District Library China Library services beyond services-relaxed reading
7 Heike vom Orde Germany Digital Natives and Libraries: Room for Improvement
8 Rosana Torres-Cintrón Puerto Rico BiblioWebRef: Teaching Information Literacy Integrated into the Academic’s Virtual Reference Service
10 Ouedraogo Oumou Burkina Faso Caterpillar Project in Burkina Faso: Mobile Library
11 Sha Li Zhang United States Using innovative approaches in recruiting and retaining librarians with culturally diverse backgrounds for the 21st century
12 Clara M. Chu United States ICL Communitas: Teaching and Learning International and Comparative Librarianship Through International Collaboration
13 Dorothea Sommer Germany Cultural Heritage Digital: Halle University Library (Germany)
15 Yraida Rodriguez Luis Cuba Regional Integration on disaster information management. Cuban experience.
16 Tania Borroto O'Farrill
& Caridad Brigida López Jimenez
Cuba Caracterización de la producción cientifica de autores cubanos en la temática Salud y Desastres
17 Sabine Stummeyer Germany The International Librarian Exchange Project, ILE
19 Ryan Nayler Canada Increasing Usage of Special Collections Through Curriculum Integration
20 Wen-Yu Huang China E-Book Service in National Taichung Library
21 Naicheng Chang China FRBRisation of Koha in the Context of CMARC
24 Ulla Pötsönen Finland One click away from Knowledge
25 Gheorghe Buluta,
Crina Mihailescu,
& Octavia-Luciana Madge
Romania Culture and Information for all. The Central Library of the "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy-Bucharest-Innovations in the modernization and diversification of the information services for users
26 Pouneh Mehrtash
& Omid Fatemi
Islamic Republic of Iran Iranian Commission for Science and Technology
28 Michelle A. Tisdel Norway Beacon for Freedom of Expression: Integration, Innovation and Information for All
30 Ujala Satgoor South Africa Developing Library Leaders for the future
31 Abul K. Bashirullah Venezuela Collecting Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Eastern Venezuela and Preserving for the Future
32 Ching-Fen Hsu China National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan
33 Maria Aparecida Alves de Oliveira Brazil Bibliotecas para além de bibliotecas: Integração, Inovação e Informação para todos/Libraries beyond Libraries…
34 Érica Saito Brazil Implementation of unified lending in Sao Paulo University
35 Pateka Matshaya
& Lindiwe Ndaki
South Africa Professional librarians core competencies and their relevance to the current library trends: a South African perspective
36 Jana Varleijs United States First Aid for the IFLA Program Planner
37 Zhang Xuhuang China A Series of Lectures Is Extending a Science and Technology Library
38 Nicole A. Cooke United States The Spectrum Doctoral Fellowship Program: Investigating the Present to Prepare for the Future
39 Kate Hannah
& Donna McRostie
Australia Starting a conversation in 420 characters or less: Using Facebook and Twitter to engage library users
41 You Yue, Ai Chunyan
& Liu Suqing
China Bringing user experience to library service innovation

Iris Gomez,
Erica Mogdans,
& Rosarito Mendieta

Argentina La Biblioteca Publica de las Misiones, paradigma cultural en la región
43 Kisha Sawyers Jamaica Acquisition and Collection Development and Research
44 Marlery Sánchez Diaz Cuba Gestión de competencias informacionales en las Biociencias: diagnóstico y desarrollo en la formación en Cuba
45 Olaf Eigenbrodt Germany Access for all: Barrier free design of library spaces beyond obligation
46 Mabel Anangué Cervantes Ramirez &
Magaly del Rosario Duarte Romero
Cuba Internet y Bibliotecas: Una propuesta de integración
47 Mariana Harjevschi Republic of Moldova Advocacy for Fair Copyright Laws: the Role of Libraries
48 Imengel Mad Palau Pacific Digital Library
49 Stephen Bury United States NYARC: The New York Art Resources Consortium

Chloé Vicente
& Alejandro Oyarce

Chile Academic Libraries and the question of democratic access to textbooks / Bibliotecas universitarias y el desafio del acceso democrático a la bibliografia básica
52 Maureen White United States All Aboard The Library Leadership Train: How to Get Your Principal Aboard
53 Mina Zaker Shahrak Islamic Republic of Iran Surveying Features the developing an international Library for Children and Young adult in Iran
54 Uju E. Nwafor-Orizu Nigeria Breaking Nurses' barriers to health information: what Medical Librarians can do
55 Mace Ojala Finland Cycling for libraries-The first cycling unconference for librarians
56 Clem Guthro United States Creating a Culture of Innovation and Mobility with an iPad for All Librarians and Support Staff

Kaisa Sinikara
& Tuula Ruhanen

Finland Integration makes room for innovation at the Helsinki University Library

Valentyna Pashkova
& Iryna Shevchenko

Ukraine Library Day Celebration in Ukraine: Involving the Nation

Alan Hopkinson

United Kingdom Modernising Library Education: a New Master's Programme in Library and Information Science
63 Merja Pihlajamäki Finland Permit To Stay - NO Pressure To Borrow!
64 Boonchai Wichitsathian Thailand Suranaree University of Technology Intellectual Repository (SUTIR)
65 Sareeya Phannarong Thailand Kaewpanya
66 Lavonda Kay Broadnax
& Angela McMillian
United States Puerto Rican Digital Resources Available @ the Library of Congress
67 Maricela Corvo de Armas Cuba Las bibliotecas públicas cubanas por la preservación de la identidad local. Estrategias para promover su conocimiento
70 Maria Elena Dorta-Duque Cuba The Library Beyond its borders: A practical experience of how to maximize the shared use of resources in search of the equal opportunity in the access to the information of a library
73 Barbara Pfeifer Germany Authority Control and Linked Data - a German view
76 Kerry L. Weinstein United States Can Apple Stores Inspire Library Space Design
77 Dinesh Chandra India Libraries beyond Libraries: Integration, Innovation and Information for All
78 Angela Ecklund United States The Role of Subject Librarians in the Academic Library of the Future
80 Anne Kristin Undien Norway The IFLA Multicultural Library Manifesto - A tool for creating global understanding
82 Kaisa Puttonen
& Satu Hyökki
Finland Library as an open living lab environment - user's eyes in developing Laurea Library
84 Marian Koren (in cooperation with Wilma Mossink) Netherlands Digitisation and e-books in the Netherlands:
Legal aspects, models and solutions
85 Ari Haasio
& Leena Elenius
Finland Getting netted
86 Arne Gundersen Norway Libraries in Knowledge Society - Strategies for the Future: Polish-Norwegian cooperation
87 Zanele Constance Hadebe Botswana "Footprints in the Delta". Promoting library integration into the Okavango Community: case study of the Okavango Research Institute Library
88 Nancy Patterson United States Library Outreach Projects Bringing Health Information Access to Underserved Populations Right Where They Live
89 Sergio Carbonell de la Fé Cuba The journals of Computer Science inside the movement of Open Access
90 Bogdan Grigore,
Mihaela Vlad,
& Allin Grecu
Romania Library versus TV
91 Silvia Cecilia Anselmi Argentina Buenos Aires Capital Mundial del Libro 2011: Bibliotecas de Buenos Aires abiertas al mundo
92 Irmhild Schaefer Germany A New Standard for Conservation: CENT/TC 346 "Conservation of Cultural Property"
93 Jasmina Ninkov,
Mirko Markovic,
Predrag Djukic,
& Vesna Vuksan
Republic of Serbia 65+
95 Harri Sahavirta
& Leila Sonkkanen
Finland Green library - what environmental responsibility could mean for libraries?
96 Françoise Bourdon France The French National Bibliography celebrates its 200th anniversary
97 Beba Stankovic Republic of Serbia Library as a place of integration
98 Melissa Gomis Unites States Content Out of Date: Strategies for Providing Timely Resources Without Sacrificing Quality
99 Brittany Rhea Deputy
& Lana Brand
United States Consumers' Health Information Literacy: Prescriptions for Practices and Partnerships
100 Mirta Prendes-Guerrero & Barbara Lazo-Rodriguez Cuba Calculation of the economic value of a sample of serial publications in the National Medical Library of Cuba
101 Rosaly Favero Krzyzanowski,
Ines Maria Morais Imperatriz,
Thais Fernandes de Morais,
& Fabiana Andrade Pereira
Brazil Social Media and Search Engines - as Powerful Allies in Information Dissemination for All-Used in Virtual Library (VL) in Science, Technology and Innovation at Funcaçao de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de Sao Paulo
102 Juliane Rummelt,
Alexandra Meissner
& Petra Hauke
Germany Giving old Walls a new Purpose - The Recycling of Buildings and its influence on the Social Environment
103 Trish Rosseel Canada Information Literacy for All: Online Instruction for Commuter and Distance Education Students
104 Tara Stephens Canada Turning Walls into Windows at UBC: From Community Outreach to Global Access
106 Alexandre Ribas Semeler
& Veleida Ana Blank
Brazil Virtual Memorial: 50 years of scientific geology course at the IGEO-Institute of Geosciences, UFRGS-Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
107 Jorge Ruiz
& Filiberto Martinez
Mexico Humanindex: Academic information system in Humanities and Social Sciences Social to promote collaborative research
108 Margarita Bellas Vilariño Cuba Las Casas Biblioteca una buena opción en el trabaljo extensionista de las bibliotecas públicas
109 Kimberly Parker Switzerland How to "give away" scientific research - and make a difference: A Journey with Dr. Jalloh of Senegal
110 Eleni Mamma Greece Evaluation of Information Systems' Efficiency in Memory Organizations
111 Solveig I. Taylor
& Almuth Gastinger
Norway Innovation through Internationalisation: barriers for going abroad and actions to overcome them
112 Rebekka Pilppula Finland Suitcase filled with memories - Material for reminiscence, sense of locality and learning
113 Diane Le Hénaff Italy The scientific communication and dissemination: The experience of International Centre for Research in Information Strategy and Development
114 Hsueh-hua Chen,
Po-yu Chen,
Ya-chen Ho,
& Wen-hua Huang
China Facilitating Metadata Creation: Introducing the TELDAP Multilingual MetaSpace
115 Chiung-min Tsai,
Chia-er Dong,
Hsin-yi Cheng,
& Jieh Hsiang
China Anchoring Meaningful Collections for Digital Scholarship: Lessons Learned from Taiwan Historical Digital Library (THDL)
116 Kate-Riin Kont
& Signe Jantson
Estonia Digital Scholarly Resources in Estonia - State Financing, Expenditure and Usage Webometrics of University Libraries
117 Anna Maria Rossi Italy Equitable access to information: a training experience in Europe and Latin America
118 Stella Ngozi Anasi Nigeria Access to reproductive health information among adolescent girls. Breaking the conspiracy of silence.
121 Lieke Ploeger Netherlands IMPACT - Centre of Competence in Text Digitisation
122 Ania Torres Pombert Cuba Health literacy and evidence based medicine: an integration for better access to information
125 Han Lee Yen Singapore Library instruction on Youtube: using video tutorials to bridge students' knowledge gaps at Nanyang Technological University Library
126 Andreas Parschalk Austria Showcasing results from the EuropeanaConnect project: the eBooks on Demand and Print on Demand services
127 Claire Nguyen France An "open" Academic Health Library developing regional, national and international networks and partnership: the Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de Santé (BIU Santé Paris)
128 Michael Kreyche United States The Database: Spanish Equivalents for Library of Congress Subject Headings
129 Grace Ada Ajuwon
& Samuel Akande Bello
Nigeria Outcome of Information Literacy Training Program for Medical Practitioners in a developing country Library
130 Talia Earle United States JEWISH QUESTION: The continuation of negative Jewish stereotypes in Library of Congress Subject Headings
131 Graciela Perrone,
Graciela Rodriguez,
& Silvia Adriana Mei
Argentina Gestion de Calidad en Unidades de Información del Sistema Educativo Argentino
132 Hannah Winkler United States Beyond International Development: Information Needs of Crisis Mappers
133 Loreto Cárdenas Yzquierdo Cuba La Biblioteca Pública Más Luz como eslabón fundamental de la red social en la localidad de Santiago de las Vegas
134 Dierk Eichel Germany The green library - beyond ecological sustainability
135 Nader Naghshineh The Islamic Republic of Iran Information Ecology as Tool for repurposing of Information-Intensive Social Networks
136 Apryl Price United States Ensuring Information for All: Developing Licensing Guidelines
137 Dietrich Trung Dobis Germany Cycle of divided (re)inclusion
138 Gretell Lobelle Fernández Cuba Biblioteca Pública en entornos patrimoniales: Compromiso y responsabilidad social
139 Marilia Mesquita Guedes Pereira Brazil Results of Brazilian National Seminar of Braille Libraries, November 2009
140 Guillermo Ramón González Junco Cuba La Conservan del Patrimonio Documental en la República de Cuba
141 Jenny Raubenheimer South Africa Enhancing access to Information in an Open Distance Learning environment through innovative delivery - the UNISA experience
142 Michele R. Tennant United States VIVO: An Innovative Library-based Tool for Facilitating Research Collaboration and Discovery
145 Gretchen Higginbottom
& Hiromi Kubo
United States Building Global Partnerships: From Sister City to Sister Library and Beyond
146 Sueli Mara Ferreira
Eidi Abdalla
& Elisabeth Dudziak
Brazil Challenges to implementing open access policy: the case of University of Sao Paulo (USP)
147 Adrián Guerra Cuba How the Public Library of Havana make use of TV to improve reading at home
149 Barbara Ford,
Susan Schnuer,
& Jamie Luedtke
United States Professional Development Without Borders: The Mortenson  Center Associates program
150 Jose Sanchez Puerto Rico The Challenge of Making a Library Assessment and Evaluation Work: Communities of Practice at the University of Puerto Rico
151 Purisima Centeno,
Julia Y Velez
Puerto Rico Using Library Space to Enhance Informal Learning Environment for College Student
152 Lindi Nhlapo for Africa Section South Africa Libraries Beyond Libraries in Africa
153 Jaana Tyrni Finland Super Life Libraries in Suburban Context
155 Miki F. Muraki Japan Do Young Adult like MANGA? Considering the relation between popularity of MANGA and Libraries
157 Miguel Viciedo Valdés Cuba Punto de partida. La satisfacción e información para todos / The starting point is the satisfaction of the users' preferences in order to reach integration, innovation and information for all
158 Viorica Scutariu
& Carmen Bonciu
Romania Responsiveness to the campaign of promoting the service of the central library of the IASI GR.T.POPA" University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Study on 1st - 5th year medical Students
159 Yasuyo Inoue Japan History of struggle over MANGA at Libraries in Japan
160 Lesley Farmer United States Using Research to Promote Reading and Literacy
161 Randy Emmanuel Kommey Ghana Using key performance indicators (KPI) for effective Library Services
163 Karla Vanessa Bonilla Netherlands Servicios digitales ofrecideos por la biblioteca de apoyo a eLearning
164 Patti French United States The Library as Publisher: Increasing Library Relevance through Institutional Repository Services
165 Elke Roesner
& Ulrike Ostrzinski
Germany Pilots take off - and land the way you like it


Last update: 15 August 2011