Call for Papers

Latin America and the Caribbean Section

Knowledge, information and citizens: the social value of libraries

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The IFLA Latin America and the Caribbean Section invites interested professionals in different areas of Library and Information Sciences to participate to submit proposals for the open session to be held in Lyon, France from 16-22 August, 2014.


Some of the topics covered in the session will be, among others, the following:

  • Social value of libraries
  • Social responsibility of libraries and librarians
  • Mediation and information transfer to society
  • Social Inclusion in libraries
  • Democratic access to the information
  • Actions for Sustainable Development in Libraries
  • Library as Mediator
  • Open access information
  • Citizenship information in the library
  • New forms of local, regional and international cooperation
  • Multicultural services and use of multilingualism
  • Advocacy of the library/librarian profession

Information about the proposals:

Proposals should include:

  • Title;
  • An abstract between 800 to 1000 words in English or Spanish;
  • Personal information (name, email, phone, complete address);
  • Institutional data (position and institution);
  • Indication of the preferred presentation language (Spanish or English).

All proposals will be evaluated by the Selection Committee appointed by the Latin America and the Caribbean Section.

Tips for authors:

Abstracts should include the following elements:

  1. Introduction: present succinctly addressed the issue, the issue, the problem, the rationale, objectives and major work published research about what (s) subject (s);
  2. Materials and Methods: succinctly present the materials and methods used, such as method used, population and sample, techniques, instruments and procedures for data collection and analysis procedures;
  3. Partial Results / Final: succinctly present the results sought and / or obtained so far;
  4. Considerations Partial / Final: succinctly present insights made so far, the relevant aspects of the work and recommendations as necessary;
  5. References: present the works of the authors cited in the text.

Information about the presentations:

Papers must be an original paper and not published elsewhere.

Papers can be written and presented in English or Spanish.

The work will have a maximum of 20 pages, double-spaced.

The abstract and the paper should be sent via email in a MS Word file.

Information about LAC session in Lyon:

It is expected to have simultaneous translation for this session, however, is recommended that the slides are presented in English, even if the presentation is in Spanish.

Authors will have 20 minutes to present their work, prepare a concise presentation including its relevant aspects. Paper should not be read only.

IFLA has the rights to publish selected papers by different means. Papers and presentations will be included on the IFLA Library.

Submission of proposals

Please send proposals by 23 February 2014 to:

Sigrid Karin Weiss Dutra
Chair, IFLA Latin America and the Caribbean Section
Email: [email protected]
Silvia Cecilia Anselmi
Secretary, IFLA Latin America and the Caribbean Section
Email: [email protected]

When you send the please indicate "IFLA WLIC 2014 Proposal" in the subject.

Important Dates

  • 23 February 2014: Submission deadline;
  • 5 April 2014: Proposals will be evaluated and notification to the authors will be sent;
  • 18 May 2014: Successful speakers should send the full text of their papers  (so that the jury has time to review and suggest appropriate adjustments);
  • 8 June 2014: The final paper must be submitted ;
  • 8 June 2014: Speakers must send  translations of their work.

For more information visit our section and data for the conference:


All proposals must be in before 23 февраля 2014.

Please note

All expenses, including registration for the conference, travel, accommodation etc., are the responsibility of the authors/presenters. No financial support can be provided by IFLA, but a special invitation can be issued to authors.

Congress Attendance Grants

The French National Committee and IFLA have worked hard to secure funds for Conference Participation Grants. Up-to-date information will be available on our Conference Participation Grants webpage.

Last update: 17 February 2014