Poster Sessions

Poster presentations are scheduled for two, two-hour intervals between 12:00 and 14:00 on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 August 2014

The "Best IFLA Poster 2014" which will be awarded during the Closing Session on Thursday 21 August 2014, will be selected from the posters presented in Lyon by a jury on behalf of the IFLA Professional Committee.

Note: The titles below will be numbered by the end of June. These numbers will refer to actual board numbers in the Exhibition hall at the Lyon Convention Centre.

List of accepted Poster Presentations:

1 - - -
2 - - -
3 Trends in International Picture Book Publishing in the United States, 2013 Untied States Henderson Laretta
4 - - -
5 How far is the library? Slovenia Gorazd Vodeb
6 - - -
7 Herramienta digital "HALFIN" para el personal que labora en la red de bibliotecas médicas de Artemisa Cuba Edwar Parra Linares,
Arley Tillet Escudero
8 Not Playing Second Fiddle: A Librarian as Adjunct Professor in a Canadian University Canada Gillian Nowlan
9 Ibom E-library: Unlimited possibilities, building bridges across the society Nigeria Felicia Etim,
Mbuotidem Umoh,
Edidiong Eyo
10 Would You Like To Be the Voice of the Books Turkey Abdulla Turan,
Bahar Bicen Aras
11 The ALADIN Network (UNESCO) Germany Lisa Krolak
12 Educational outcomes of a young adult library services CE course: Taiwan's experience China Tzu-Heng Chiu
13 Revolutionizing Library Browsing Through Mobile Technology and Augmented Reality United States Elizabeth Brumfield
14 Lending paintings for nothing! Finland Heikki Lahnaoja
15 Traveling Exhibits Create and Share Knowledge: Community Collaborations to Enhance Library Outreach United States Julie Edwards
16 ALIA Future of the Profession Australia Judy Brooker
17 The Women’s Library Project of Publika Hungarian Library Group Hungary Ibolya Billédi
18 Reading on The Way: Bus Library? Subway Library? Mobile Library China Shih-chang Horng
19 A revolutionary model for medical library literacy TAAAC-LSP Canada Sandra Kendall,
Carla Hagstrom
20 EuropeanaBot - using open data and open APIs to present digital collections Germany Peter Mayr
21 Disaster Management Plans in the Middle East Libraries and Archives in Time of War: case of Iraq and Egypt United States Laila Hussein Moustafa
22 Touch of reading: an experience of the National Taiwan Library services for the visually impaired people China Hsuch-Yu Chen,
Ying-Han Chang,
Jia-Mei Lin,
Shu-Hui Chou
23 NUMISTRAL: a rich, functional, scalable digital library for exceptional collections! France BLIN Frédéric
24 Librarians making global connections: Establishing an American Culture Center in China and hosting its second year program United States Xiaorong Shao,
Allan Scherlen
25 To read is to live! France Frédérique Oraison
26 Libraries as learning spaces and living laboratories: The Informed2Learn initiative in the Discovery Centre @ MacOdrum Library (Carleton University) Canada Flavia Renon
27 --- . .
28 New Swiss Professional Profile «Academic Librarian» Switzerland Marianne Ingold
29 The Long-term Preservation Strategy and the System Implementation of Digital Archives China Li-Kuei Hsueh,
Hui-Pin Chen
30 IFLA-Services for students and young professionals - recommendations for improvement Germany Haike Meinhardt
31 TD-ABC-D: Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing Software for Libraries Belgium, Ecuador Lorena Siguenza-Guzman,
Paul Cabrera,
Dirk Cattrysse
32 Solving the Gender Issue Using QR Codes United Arab Emirates Sarah Parramore
33 Know the World Culture through our Art Appreciation Program Egypt George Morkos,
Rania Kalawy
34 Vietnam's Learning Resources Centers: A Model of Developing Modern and Self-sustaining Academic Libraries in Developing Countries Untied States Binh Le
35 - - -
36 Libraries, Disabilities, Accessibility: Partnering for success across boundaries Canada Denis Lacroix,
Maria Tan
37 Good Things Come in Small Packages: Mobile-Ready Responsive Design at MacEwan University Library Canada Sonya Betz
38 Guangzhou Library's "Trip Around The World" China Sam Boss,
Tian Zhan,
Jiangshun Zhang,
Jiazhong Fang
39 The Development and Trend of the Libraries’ Digital Mobile Service in China China Yang Rui,
Zhou Qian,
Zhang lan
40 Archives Project of Nuclear Technology at KAERI (Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute) South Korea Jeong Hoon Oh,
Hee Won Lee
41 Do we see the same? What are you looking at in the library and why? Finland Kaisa Puttonen,
Satu Hyökki
42 Bibliothèque scientifique numérique: une politique nationale en faveur de l'information scientifique et technique France Alain Colas
43 A Dangerous Method: Psychoanalytic Approaches to Exploring Emotion in Information Behavior United States Kendra Albright
44 A library for libraries: le Service de la Lecture Publique de l’Isère (SLPI) France Colette Garnier
45 Beacon for Freedom of Expression: A Resource for Libraries, Citizens & Societies Norway Michelle Tisdel
46 It is your right to know! Serbia Beba Stankovic,
Tatjana Jovanovic Negoicic
47 Strong society - strong libraries. Contribution from a union Norway Ellen Ovenstad,
Bjørn Christiansen
48 Mobile apps and Canadian academic libraries: A confluence of technology and scholarship Canada Chad Crichton,
Robin Canuel
49 Subject indexing in the Portuguese polytechnic libraries: proposing a simplified model to make it possible! Portugal Maria Catarina Martins
50 ACE - Accessible Content E-Portal Canada Lari Langford
51 Digital Library: connecting citizens to Parliament Brazil Clara Bessa da Costa
52 Senior librarians' perceptions on successful leadership skills: Dissertation Findings United States Denise Kwan
53 E-READING in JAIL – Opportunities for Prisoners China Jiuan-er Chao
54 Better Beginnings Family Literacy Program – State Library of Western Australia Australia Jane Jones
55 Rolling Out E-Books and Devices: Library staff and customers learning expertise together Finland Aniita Ahlholm-Kannisto,
Mervi Ahola,
Paula Nissilä,
Saija Tapio,
Heli Vanamo
56 Play a BIG game @ a SMALL Library Romania Dorina Bralostiteanu,
Gheorghe Draga,
Nicoleta Trasca
57 Apprendre à enseigner le concept de document: nouveau dispositif de formation continue des professeurs-documentalistes dans l’enseignement agricole en France France Cécile Gardiès,
Michel Dumas
58 NATO LibGuides Belgium Isabel Fernandez
59 ORCID: Optimizing discoverability of research and scholarship Spain Consol Garcia
60 Books & Irises: an artistic and popular confluence France Catherine Marlin,
Jean-Marc Rigolier,
Josselin Poisbeau
61 The librarian as a leading force of his ILS France Sonia Bouis,
Emilie Barthet,
Valérie Bertrand
62 Academic libraries face the challenge of social responsibility and sustainability: report REBIUN Spain Adelaida Ferrer Torrens
63 Now and Then Collectible Cards Singapore Chee Boon Koh,
Sharon Ting,
Ting Ong
64 Bringing organizations and libraries together Finland Sanna Näätänen
65 How to make libraries greener - worldwide. A project for a multilingual tool for a confluence of green knowledge and library practice Germany Klaus Werner,
Petra Hauke
66 Let library loose! Finland Ilkka Marjanen,
Heli Roisko
67 Communicating differently with students of INSA in order to have them converge to the library France Guillemette Trognot,
Monique Joly
68 Bibliothèques dans la cité France Françoise Hecquard,
Philippe Colomb
69 The media library, a place to enjoy France Dominique Mans,
Marie Berne,
Bernadette Buisson
70 From Formadoct to Formadoct network: a PhD student information literacy training system France Damien Belveze,
Agnès Colnot
71 Feedback In a Pool – a New System For Academic Libraries And Their Users Finland Riikka Sinisalo
72 Europeana Sounds: a gateway to Europe’s sound and music collections France Marion Ansel
73 New features in ALTO XML United States Frederick Zarndt,
Jean-Philippe Moreux,
Markus Enders,
Jukka Kervinen,
Evelien Ket
74 Evaluating Professional Development Training Programs for Librarians: Lessons Learned United States Barbara J. Ford,
Susan Schnuer
75 Storage Galore ? Persuasion, Sharing and performance Enhancement: an Advocacy to rationalize storage in a repository library. France Bernadette Patte,
Laurent Hedoin
76 Creating an Embedded Librarian Program with Instruction, Twitter, and Blogs United States Karen Holt
77 Lecture publique, lecture universitaire: accueillir un public varié à la BULAC France Fanny Mion Mouton,
Héloïse Lecomte,
Cécile Gobbo
78 - - -
79 - - -
80 The journey to improve digital user experience United States Yoo Young Lee
81 Planning for Excellence: Building New Capacity in a Changing Environment United States Mary Ellen Davis
82 Creative use of ICT in public libraries International NGO, based in Rome Ramune Petuchovaite,
Ugne Lipeikate
83 - - -
84 Data librarian: un nouvel horizon pour les ingénieurs de l’information ? France Marie-Christine Jacquemot-Perbal
85 RDA Implementation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Germany Renate Behrens-Neumann
86 When university librarian put on service mask: The impacts of surface acting on task performance and organizational citizenship behavior China Yu-Ping Peng
87 When dots come alive: braille literacy contest in the Croatian library for the blind Croatia Jelena Lesaja
88 Digitization: Collaborative Project Dynamics France Alexandra Gottely
89 Librarian's skills improvement: a lifelong training network in France France Marie-Madeleine Saby,
Hélène Biez-Nameche,
Valérie Eugene
90 "France through literature", a website as a tool for public reading France Meissonnier Stéphanie
91 "Let's get personal!" - educational library service "Personal librarian" Croatia Kristian Ujlaki,
Karlo Galinec
92 Learning new skills at work - Peer-learning tools in a form of a recipe Finland Teemu Rauhala,
Anki Mölläri
93 The Impact Centre of Competence: Services Spain Isabel Martínez Sempere,
Alenka Kavcic,
Elisabeth Freyre
94 Toulouse University libraries network: how to connect 61 libraries by an efficient eco-friendly shuttle ? France Bénédicte de Volontat,
Marie-Dominique Heusse
95 Think Tank - one way to 'future libraries' Denmark Lotte Hviid Dhyrbye
96 For disabled students: a special access to French publishing digital files France Christine Musso,
Joëlle Rochas
97 Academic Libraries of 21st century: strategic plans as a mirror of the future Portugal Paula Cristina Sousa Saraiva
98 from the green model to the gold one France Christine Berthaud,
Laurent Capelli,
Agnès Magron
99 The World War I collection of Lyon’s library France Anne Charmasson-Creus,
Fanny Giraudier,
Thomas Breban,
Milan Vasiljevic
100 Educating Africa’s librarians of the future United Kingdom Peter Burnett,
Caroline Cage
101 Démocratisons le patrimoine numérique: la plateforme Correct (Correction et Enrichissement Collaboratifs de Textes) France Sébastien Roux,
Joël Gardes,
Isabelle Josse
102 The Czech Digital Library - Fedora Commons based solution for aggregation, reuse and dissemination of a digital content Czech Republic Tomas Foltyn,
Martin Lhotak
103 How many souls has a city? As many as its Libraries, Museums and Archives! The evolution of the Civici Musei di Storia e Arte (City Art and History Museum) from a collection of books and gravestones to the virtual reconstruction of cultural assets Italy Simonetta Pasqualis Dell'Antonio,
Claudia Morgan
104 Keeping the Law Safe: Librarians Advocating for Digital Authentication in the United States United States Sarah (Sally) Holterhoff
105 Library cooperation and technology: an opportunity to share resources among research institutions in the area of physics México Martínez Arellano Lucila,
Carrasco Cañas Pablo
106 Mix IT Up!: Youth-centered engagement @ your library United States Rae-Anne Montague,
Joe Coyle
107 Using the I-LEARN Model to Design Information Literacy Instruction: Results of an Experimental Research Study and Opportunities for Future Practical Applications United States Stacey Greenwell
108 The ARL Position Description Bank: A Collaborative Model United States Bonnie Smith
109 Using Library Learning Space for Knowledge Creation and Dissemination United States Shali Zhang
110 Motivational Analysis of Digital Information Literacy Materials in a Blended e-Learning Environment China Naicheng Chang,
Hueihuang Chen
111 Library services for international students Japan Yuka Sugimoto,
Taro Miura
112 Heritage Dialogue of Alexandria and the Mediterranean Egypt Mina Morcos
113 IRIS: an academic digital library opens itself to citizens France Marie-Madeleine Géroudet
114 Documenting the Past and Engaging Young Women with Digital Humanities: Library as a confluence for intergenerational Women at Rutgers United States Kayo Denda Jen Hunter
115 Promoting a public library service as an health information resource: « Cap’culture santé » France DARDET Cécile
116 Big Read Program in Saratov Region Russia Lyudmila Kanushina,
Olga Tolstikova
117 Sunlight and Storm Clouds: The Relationship between Privatization and Freedom of Information Scotland Erin Ferguson
118 - - -
119 Diversité des usages 3C dans les établissements scolaires français (Ministère Education Nationale, Académie Clermont-Ferrand, France) / Diversity of 3C uses in French secondary schools - French ministry of national education Académie of Clermont Ferrand France Annie Ballarin,
Bérangère Gossart
120 Educational use of a serious game as a teaching tool of information and documentation rudiments France Cerise Chevallier
121 Magical books: a reading advocacy project Nigeria Oluwaseun Aina,
Adetoun Oyelude
122 Get in touch with documents! France Delphine Merrien
123 2014, a year for travel and discovery France Amandine Jacquet,
Cecile Swiatek,
Agnès Colnot,
Celine Huault
124 From Paper to Pixels: Using Google Forms for Classroom Collaboration and Assessment United States Mireille Djenno,
Annie Pho,
Glenda Insua
125 University-based Institutional Repositories in Thailand: Listening to the Voice of Key Stakeholders United Kingdom Wachiraporn Klungthanaboon
126 La biblioteca en la prevención del alcoholismo, la drogadicción y las enfermedades de transmisión sexual Cuba Maricela de la Caridad Corvo de Armas
127 "Students’ Booktalk" as a Teaching Method for Reading Promotion in Junior High School in Japan Japan Fumie Niwai,
Mitsuhiro Oda
128 Perspectives on Career Planning Strategy of U.S. librarians from New England United States Shin Freedman
129 Forgotten teenage readers - Juvenile delinquents and reading Japan Yasuyo Inoue,
Masayuki Hioki,
Miki Nakanishi,
Mitsuko Hirata
130 Empowering Librarians: Career Development for Women in the Library Profession in Japan Japan Takashi Ishikawa,
Reiko Aoki,
Sakurako Ichimura,
Azusa Kurosawa,
Kyoko Sakurada
131 Libraries For Labour Camp: Where Books Are Free United Arab Emirates Virgilio Jr Medina
132 Facebook as a Library Publicization Tool – Case Study of “A Big Reading Room in a Small Village/Town” Page China Hao-Ren Ke
133 Experience of the New Central Library Construction Project in the City of Busan, South Korea South Korea Durk Hyun Chang
134 RARE-Best practices: new resources for global sharing of rare disease guidelines and research recommendations United Kingdom Paola Laricchiuta,
Michele Hilton Boon,
Jan Manson
135 BiblioPat: a web 2.0 association for training in heritage collections management and for sharing professional knowledge France Raphaele Mouren,
Malik Diallo,
Florent Palluault,
Helene Richard
136 Dyslexia? Welcome to our library! Guidelines for Library Services to persons with Dyslexia. Revised and enlarged edition Denmark Helle Mortensen,
Saskia Boets,
Koen Krikhaar,
Misako Nomura,
Mieke Urff
137 A knowledge update for Specialists in Media and Information Services - The „Information Management BA“ studies at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hannover - Germany Sabine Stummeyer,
Anke Wittich
138 The Confluence of Research and Practice in the Management of LIS Education: An Experience of the PhD. Program in Information Science through Distance Education, Thailand Thailand Chutima Sacchanand
139 IFAO: A hybrid research library for a shared perspective on the history of Egypt Egypt Anna Maria Papanikitas,
Marianne Refaat,
Philippe Chevrant
140 BibLN: making ereading easier France Brigant Annie,
Hatt Guillaume
141 FULBI: Fédérer les bibliothèques autour de la technologie France Thierry Clavel,
Nuria Pastor-Martinez
142 Persée: An Open Digital Service for Scientific Heritage France Nathalie Fargier
143 Touchscreen tablets in libraries France Agié Sophie
144 ADBGV, association of the french public libraries France Juliette Lenoir
145 Transformative Pedagogy: The Social Justice Collaboratorium United States Elnora Tayag,
Miraida Morales,
RaShauna Brannon,
LaVerne Gray,
Mario Ramirez
146 Students at the Center in Emerging Academic Models: Embedded Information Literacy in the New University of Wisconsin System Flexible “FLEX” Option Degrees United States Ewa Barczyk,
Johannes Britz,
Kristin Woodward,
WooSeob Jeong,
Kim Kostka
147 School Librarian: Early LINK to Literacy and Learning - Year 2 United States Maureen White
148 A sensitive approach to knowledge: the residencies for performing arts in Lyon Public Library France Fanette Perret,
Noria Haddadi,
Alexandre Guérard
149 "Moustic'Air" Chronique d'une création artistique numérique réalisée par des collégiens France Naïma Horchani-Carton
150 URFIST: a specialized network supporting scientific information France Marie-Laure Malingre,
Claire Denecker
151 ---    
152 Proactive Consulting in a School Library: A New Role of School Library Introduced by a New Approach of School Consulting for Students Who Have Subconscious Needs or Potential Problems Japan Yuriko Matsuda
153 Swan Family Connect Australia Lynda Tan
154 Developing a model of library user education for digital native Indonesia Kalarensi Naibaho,
Lusiana Monohevita
155 New roles of a rare book library in a multicultural field: The transformation of the Teleki-Bolyai Library in a community place Romania Klára Lázok
156 The Library of Nautilus: Accumulating the Knowledge of the Ocean Republic of Korea Jong-Yup Han
157 Librarians and millennials: Redefining the role of librarians in the learning commons United States EunYoung Yoo-Lee
158 - - -
159 The use of Web 2.0 to enhance library orientation at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Libraries South Africa Lynn Kleinveldt
160 The Science Po Library listens to its users France Cécile Touitou,
Eva Bellinghausen
161 The Fairytale Trails of Kamnik Slovenia Milena Glušič,
Breda Podbrežnik Vukmir,
Irena Cerar
162 Cross-border Confluence of Knowledge: The library- initiative Biblio 3 in Germany, France and Switzerland Germany Ulrike Krass
163 „A stitch in time…“: Cross-institutional and interdisciplinary cooperation en route to a preservation policy Germany Maria-Annabel Hanke
164 Local Hosting Service of Electronic Journals in Korea The Republic of Korea Ji-Young Kim,
Seon-Hee Lee
165 Hosting in a library context Denmark Tina Bang Jakobsen,
Inge Tang Nannerup
166 From dream to reality: transforming conventional library into ultramodern 21st Century learning hub – an experience from Pakistan Pakistan Muhammad Anwar
167 New service for book lovers – library in long-distance buses Estonia Katre Riisalu
168 JOB to the People – with help of libraries Slovenia Simona Šinko,
Lilijana Pahor
169 From rough diamonds to breathtaking multitalents Finland Johanna Lipponen,
Riitta Kangas
170 Libraries as Confluence of Knowledge for Emerging African Societies Cameroon Rosemary Shafack
171 One Creighton: The Confluence of Three Libraries United States Michael LaCroix,
Maoria Kirker
172 The Guichet du Savoir: a bridge to knowledge France Bordet Delphine
173 "Where Do I Find That?": Creating a Central Shared Documentation System for Publishing Staff at the University of Michigan Library United States Alix Norton
174 Preserve Brazilian press memory, a huge task: National Library`s experience and future perspectives Brazil Mônica Rizzo,
Soares Pinto,
Angela Monteiro Bettencourt
175 Digital Natives and Silver Surfers: Starting points for cross-generational media and information literacy activities Germany Heike vom Orde
176 The German-Russian Library Dialogue Germany
Barbara Schneider-Kempf,
Yekaterina Genieva
177 Cloud based infrastructure (CIB) for Library data Germany Ariane Streicher
178 The librarian and the global search engine at its website Spain Josefa Fuentes
179 First World War - in the Digital Era Serbia Nemanja Kalezic,
Stanislava Gardasevic,
Ognjen Kovacevic,
Milan Vasiljevic
180 Young adults, what do you need to find a book in your library catalogue? Slovenia Katarina Švab,
Maja Žumer
181 - - -
182 Be active - join in! Latvia Astra Pumpura
183 A methodology to manage digital preservation projects considering both librarians and end users needs - a case study of the Memory of Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo Project Brazil Roberto Fray da Silva,
Maria Cristina Villela,
Manuela Reis,
Edson S. Gomi,
Jorge Pimentel Cintra
184 Programms for motivation to read in public libraries in Croatia Croatia Dunja Marija Gabriel,
Dunja Seiter-Sverko
185 Blended Learning – Perspektive für die Medienbildung in Zeiten des demografischen Wandels in öffentlichen Bibliotheken? Konzeption & Erstellung eines generationsübergreifend nutzbaren Blended Learning-Kurses zur Medien- und Informationskompetenzförderung Germany Sandra Michaelis
186 Beyond Boundaries: Library Engagement with the Community United States Jean Zanoni,
Janice Welburn,
William Welburn
187 Lianmin Village Electronic Database (1949-1999): A Chinese Research Resource for Socio-cultural Anthropology United States Xiaoli Fang
188 Libraries as Salon: Emerging Models of Interdisciplinary Connection in an Experimental Space United States Lauren Ray,
Deborah Raftus
189 Regional Study and Resource Centres (RSRCs) Supporting Essential Library Services strategy of Namibia Library and Archives Service Namibia Theopolina N. Shuumbili,
Armas P. Kashiimbi
190 Le Point G France Sylvie Tomolillo
191 - - -
192 The histories of school libraries in France and Japan Japan Kazuyuki Sunaga
193 - - -
194 - - -
195 - - -
196 FADBEN: Supporting an Information-Documentation Curriculum France Martine Ernoult,
Nicole Cardona
197 2013 Taiwan Reading Festival: Reading Makes You Soar China Shu-hsien Tseng,
Peng Kao,
Ji-Tian Jeng
198 From Croatia to Finland and vice versa with Grundtvig funding – experiences of staff mobility between two NAPLE Sister Libraries Finland Kaisa Kytömäki,
Petar Lukačić
199 - - -
200 Challenge accepted! Facing the demographic change Germany Anika Wilde
201 Is “Manga” just a reading? - Study on supplying method - Japan Miki Muraki F.
202 Book the More, the National Library of Korea’s Book Donation Program: Let’s Give Your Sleeping Book Wings South Korea Ms YoungAh Yoon
203 The Castle of Light: the New National Library of Latvia Latvia Mr. Uldis Zarinš
204 Nereus: The Future of Social Sciences Libraries France,  Spain Raul Aguilera Ortega,
Michel Fraysse
205 Will the reader become a gamer? France Zoé Thivet,
Bertrand Clerc,
Alice Pacheco
206 Caring of Ottomans on libraries Sulaymaniyah Library as an example Saudi Arabia Haya Albabtain
207 How library awards can emancipate library school students Belgium Eva Simon
208 Current situation of sharing of frequently cited academic papers via institutional repositories in Japanese universities Japan Hiroyuki Tsunoda,
Yuan Sun,
Masaki Nishizawa,
Xiaomin Liu
209 Finnish Library Association: A Journal for Library customers Finland Ira Koivu,
Titta Baer
210 - - -
211 Confluence for Knowledge: The University of the Free State Library's renovation of the library as a learning space South Africa Senovia Welman
212 Cycling for libraries - Cyclo-biblio France / Switzerland Lara Jovignot

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