Congress theme: “Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities”

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星期四, 22 八月 2013

Closing Session President-Elect's Session : Strong Libraries, Strong Societies Your IFLA Express team Volunteers everywhere

星期三, 21 八月 2013

General Assembly Future standards: infinite possibilities IFLA and Lyon 2014 Booth Intergenerational Literacies Future African Libraries: innovation and creativity in services On the way to Freedom of access Plenary Session: Parag Khanna

星期二, 20 八月 2013

Lively Cultural Evening National Association Members Meeting Young adults and libraries : innovation, involvement, self-realization Cultural Activities Expo Pavilion Presentation of Awards Search, find and read: three steps to access; what has the future library to offer the print disabled? IFLA Highlights Plenary Session: Cherian George

星期一, 19 八月 2013

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: 2013 Access to Learning Award Session 109 Exploring an e-book future — World café UNESCO – Preserving our past for the future Poster Sessions Libraries as Learning Organisations Session 97 Exploring an e-book future  — CLM + MLAS Plenary Session: IFLA Trend Report

星期日, 18 八月 2013

Exhibition Opening Session 86 Marketing on a Shoe String IFLA Market: Campaign for the World's Libraries IFLA Market: Haiti three years after the earthquake - the never ending story IFLA Market: How to get published in journals IFLA Market: What your Section can achieve – planning and strategy President's Lunch Opening Session At the Newcomers Session

星期六, 17 八月 2013

Public Talks at the NLB Delegates, delegates, delegates IFLA WLIC 2013 Begins!