Message from Executive Director of the PR Tourism Company


Mario González Lafuente Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce

We are truly honored to have you in our island, and trust that during your visit you will get acquainted with a sampling of what Puerto Rico has to offer as a premier destination.

In our legendary Old San Juan, you will find the renowned Carnegie Library as well as fascinating museums, galleries, shops, and restaurants providing a diversified and historical experience. The city's famous cobblestone streets and impressive Spanish fortresses tell stories of a colonial time that blends with today's vibrant and modern society.

Outside the capital, you can enjoy a nature adventure in our unique and exotic island environment. A visit to natural wonders like El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest managed by the U. S. Forest Service, and the well-known Camuy Caves system, carved by the world's third longest underground
river, will provide a once in a lifetime experience. More than 260 miles of pristine beaches, exquisite and varied gastronomy, over 20 unique golf courses, and our charming Paradores and hotels, will make your visit an unforgettable one.

If you want to treat yourself to a superb shopping spree, there is a great array of stores and shopping malls located throughout the island. You can find almost anything, from antiques to the latest creations by world known designers!

You should also take the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional culinary experience at one of our Mesones Gastronómicos and international restaurants around the island. The blend of flavors, ingredients and ethnic influences that distinguishes Puerto Rican cuisine makes our island the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean.

We hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to welcome you back soon!


Mario González Lafuente

Mario González Lafuente

Executive Director of the Puerto Rican Tourism Company

Last update: 31 May 2011