Calls for Papers for Satellite Meetings

Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section, School Libraries Section

Theme: "15 to 20 year olds reading across the world: Why? Where? How?"

Deadline for proposals: 31 января 2014

[Translations: français]

Art Libraries Section

Theme: "Art Libraries Meet the Challenges of E‐publishing: New Formats, New Players, New Solutions"

Deadline for proposals: 21 февраля 2014

[Translations: français]

Preservation and Conservation Section

Theme: "Cultural heritage in the digital age"

Deadline for proposals: 28 февраля 2014

[Translations: français]

Newspapers Section

Theme: "Digital transformation and the changing role of news media in the 21st Century"

Deadline for proposals: 21 февраля 2014

[Translations: العربية]

Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities Section

Theme: "eBooks for everyone!"

Deadline for proposals: 1 февраля 2014

[Translations: français]

Committee on Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE)

Theme: "Ethical dilemmas in the information society: how codes of ethics help to find ethically based solutions"

Deadline for proposals: 4 января 2014

[Translations: français]

Information Literacy Section

Theme: "Facing the future: information literacy in a changing landscape"

Deadline for proposals: 15 марта 2014

Health and Biosciences Libraries Section

Theme: "Health librarians and the changing information landscape"

Deadline for proposals: 25 апреля 2014

Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, Library History Special Interest Group

Theme: "History of librarianship"

Deadline for proposals: 30 ноября 2013

Knowledge Management Section, Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section

Theme: "Knowledge Management as a vital tool for change management"

Deadline for proposals: 28 февраля 2014

Management and Marketing Section

Theme: "Libraries as media"

Deadline for proposals: 28 февраля 2014

[Translations: العربية | français | Русский]

Religious Libraries in Dialogue Special Interest Group

Theme: "Libraries at the heart of dialogue of cultures and religions: history, present, future "

Deadline for proposals: 3 марта 2014

[Translations: العربية | Español | français]

Semantic Web Special Interest Group, Information Technology Section

Theme: "Linked data in libraries: Let's make it happen!"

Deadline for proposals: 8 марта 2014

[Translations: français]

Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section

Theme: "Parliamentary Libraries: Past and future"

Deadline for proposals: 7 марта 2014

[Translations: français]

Public Libraries Section

Theme: "Public Library Futures in a global digital world?"

Deadline for proposals: 17 февраля 2014

[Translations: français]

Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section

Theme: "Restructuring resource sharing: new organizations, technologies, methods"

Deadline for proposals: 15 февраля 2014

Library Buildings and Equipment Section with Acquisition and Collection Development Section

Theme: "Space and collections earning their keep: Transformation, technologies, retooling"

Deadline for proposals: 14 февраля 2014

[Translations: Español | français]

Library Theory and Research Section with ALISE, EUCLID and Città di Torino - Biblioteche civiche Torino

Theme: "Theory and research on the convergence of professional identity in cultural heritage institutions (Libraries, Museums, and Archives) beyond technology"

Deadline for proposals: 30 марта 2014