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Plenary Session: IFLA Trend Report Launch

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19 August, 08:30-09:15


Exhibition Hall 404-405

IFLA Trend Report

What is the IFLA Trend Report?

Now live:

The world around us is rapidly changing. 

Newfound and emerging opportunities for digital communication, collaboration and collective action have the capacity to economically and socially empower billions of people—while also serving as an instrument for extremists and disruption. During the past year IFLA has commissioned a range of experts to look at our shifting environment and identify trends that will affect access to information over the coming years. The result is the IFLA Trend Report which will help libraries worldwide position themselves in relation to emerging issues and provide the best possible services to their users.

What are the Trends?

The IFLA Trend Report places emphasis on the following five trends:

  • Access to Information
  • Online Education
  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Hyper-connected Societies
  • New Technologies

How was the Trend Report compiled?

These five critical trends were established through comprehensive research that involved: an extensive literature review, the collation of a wide range of sources into an extensive document repository, submissions from leading experts in a wide range of fields, an open discussion meeting in Mexico City, and a subsequent online debate on identified topics by additional invited experts.

What does this mean for the International Library community?

Tomorrow the Trend Report platform will go live, making all its resources available to (IFLA) members; user registration is required. The platform brings together the repository, the background research and the discussion forums used by the experts.

As all IFLA members will be able to access and dive into the Trend Report’s rich content, you are encouraged to take the Report’s findings and place them in the context of your country or region. We invite you to discuss the trends on the platform so that a conversation can take place across the global library community. IFLA hopes the Trend Report’s contents will inspire thinking about how libraries can form a strategy in relation to the changes and challenges which face us all.

For a complete overview of the Trend Report, please join us at the plenary session tomorrow morning.

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