Satellite meetings


The following satellite meetings were approved by IFLA's Professional Committee at its 2011 meeting


  1. Libraries in Networks: creating, participating and co-operating
    Dates: 8-9 August 2012
    Location: Klaipeda, Ieva Simonaityte Klaipeda County Public Library, Klaipeda, Lithuania
    Sponsor: IFLA Public Library Section
    Contact: Dzeinara Kaunaite,
  2. The Future of Health Information
    Date: 10 August 2012
    Location: University of Helsinki, Finland
    Sponsor: IFLA Health and Biosciences Section
    Contact: Terhi Sandgren,
  3. Art now! Contemporary Art Resources in Library Context
    Dates: 9-11 August 2012
    Location: Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and Aalto University, School of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland
    Sponsor: IFLA Art Libraries Section
    Contact: Jan Simane,
  4. Let’s Read: Reading and Print Disabilities in Young People
    Dates: 8-9 August
    Location: Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn, Estonia
    Sponsors: IFLA Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities Section, Estonian Reading Association and Estonian Library for the Blind
    Contact: Minna von Zansen,
  5. Global policies, Imperatives and Solutions for the Efficient Library Collection Management and Access to Less Used Documents
    Dates: 9-10 August 2012
    Location: Kuopio Academy of Design, Savonia University of Applied Sciences Piispankatu 8, FI-70101 Kuopio, Finland
    Sponsor: IFLA Acquisition and Collection Development Section with Serials and Other Continuing Resources Section
    Contact: Pentti Vattulainen,
  6. The Electronic Re-Evolution…News Media in the Digital Age
    Dates: 7-9 August 2012
    Location: Mikkeli, Finland
    Sponsor: IFLA Newspapers Section, Preservation and Conservation Section, Core Activity on Preservation and Conservation (PAC), Genealogy and Local History Section
    Contact: Frederick Zarndt,
  7. Libraries for Young People: Breaking through Boundaries
    Dates: 9-10 August 2012
    Location: Joensuu Main library and other premises in the city center, Joensuu, Finland
    Sponsor: IFLA Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section
    Contact: Viviana Quiñones,
  8. Beyond libraries – subject metadata in the digital environment and semantic web
    Dates: 17-18 August 2012
    Location: National Library of Estonia, Tallinn
    Sponsor: IFLA Classification and Indexing Section
    Contact: Jo-Anne Belair,
  9. Knowledge Management Theory in Action: how to plan, apply, and assess knowledge management in libraries
    Date: 10 August 2012
    Location: Goethe-Institut, Helsinki, Finland
    Sponsor: IFLA Knowledge Management Section
    Contact: Leda Bultrini,
  10. Bibliography in the Digital Age
    Date: 9 August 2012
    Location: Biblioteka Narodowa, Warsaw, Poland
    Sponsors: IFLA Bibliography Section and IFLA Cataloguing Section
    Contact: Carsten Andersen,
  11. The Homeless and the Libraries - the Right to Information and Knowledge For All
    Dates: 10 August 2012
    Location: Tallinn Central Library, Tallinn, Estonia
    Sponsor: IFLA Library Services for People with Special Needs Section
    Contact: Veronica L C Stevenson-Moudamane,
  12. The Road to Information Literacy: Librarians as facilitators of learning
    Dates: 8-10 August 2012
    Location: Tampere, Finland
    Sponsor: IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section and IFLA Information Literacy Section
    Contacts: Susan Schnuer, ; Leena Toivonen,

  13. Library’s Efficiency, Impact and Outcomes: Statistical Evaluation and Other Methods as Tools for Management and Decision-making
    Dates: 8-9 August 2012
    Location: University of Turku, Finland
    Sponsor: IFLA Statisics and Evaluation Section, Management and Marketing Section, Academic and Research Libraries Section
    Contact: Markku Laitinen,
  14. IFLAcamp: New Professionals Now!
    Dates: 9-10 August 2012
    Location: Hämeenlinna City Library, Hämeenlinna, Finland
    Sponsor: IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group
    Contact: Sebastian Wilke,
  15. How can libraries and information centres improve access to women's information and preserve women's cultural heritage?
    Dates: 8-10 August 2012
    Location: University of Tampere, Finland
    Sponsor: IFLA Women, Information and Libraries Special Interest Group
    Co-sponsor: Women Information Network Europe (WINE)
    Contact: Maria Cotera,
    Building Strong Library Associations
    Dates: 2 days prior to Congress
    Location: Helsinki, Finland
    Sponsor: IFLA Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP)
    Contact: Fiona Bradley,

  17. Information for Civic Literacy
    Dates: 8-10 August 2012
    Location: Riga, Latvia
    Sponsor: IFLA Access to Information Network – Africa (ATINA) Special Interest Group, IFLA Information Literacy Section, IFLA Africa Section
    Contact: Frank Kirkwood,
  18. Transcending Boundaries to Increase Cultural Understanding Between Countries
    Dates: 8-9 August 2012
    Location: Lappeenranta, Finland
    Sponsor: IFLA Library Services to Multicultural Populations
    Contact: Tess Tobin, TTobin@CityTech.Cuny.Edu
  19. Parliamentary libraries – empowering parliaments and citizens
    Dates: 8-10 August 2012
    Location: Helsinki, Finland
    Sponsor: IFLA Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section
    Contact: Sari Pajula,
  20. The Future of Information and Library Associations
    Dates: 7-9 August 2012
    Location: The Hague, Netherlands
    Sponsor: IFLA Management of Library Associations Section (MLAS) & Building Strong Library Associations Programme (BSLA)
    Contact: Sjoerd Koopman,

  21. Libraries, the Amazing Gateway to Knowledge and Power
    Dates: 9-10 August 2012
    Location: Helsinki, Finland
    Sponsor: IFLA Africa Section
    Contact: Rosemary Gitachu,

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