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This Special Interest Group is the continuation (as of 2009) of the former Library History Section. It aims to be the means within IFLA by which professionals specializing in all fields of librarianship can be made aware of the importance of an understanding of the past and of the profession's theoretical foundations to the successful provision of library services in the present and future. In particular, the SIG concentrates on universal and broad themes of library history, regional or international or local experience of general significance.

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Last update: 8 October 2015

Latest News

Call for Papers: Library History SIG in Cape Town

The IFLA Library History Special Interest Group invites papers to be presented at its open session during IFLA WLIC 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa. The IFLA Library History SIG seeks proposals for papers and presentations on the theme of the History of Libraries and Librarianship in Africa with an emphasis on the political and economic role of libraries in Africa.

29 January 2015

Call for Papers: Library History SIG

Theme: Building a global network: International librarianship at the confluence of cultures, practices, and standards

10 December 2013

CALL FOR PAPERS "History of Librarianship" Satellite Conference, DEADLINE: 30 November 2013

Satellite congress in Lyon, 25-26 August 2014

15 November 2013

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