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September 2023
04 September
07 September

UNESCO Digital Learning Week

Location: Paris, Online

The first ever UNESCO Digital Learning Week takes place in Paris on 4-7 September, with a focus on both the potential of digital tools to support education and the measured needed to avoid risks. 

From: An Inclusive, Rights-Based Information Society
05 September
07 September
10 September
14 September

2nd Doha Workshop on Countering the Trafficking of Cultural Property

Location: Doha, Qatar

The phenomenon of illegal trafficking in cultural heritage has grown in the Arab region and the Middle East over the last decade, mainly due to civil unrest, armed conflicts, and natural disasters in the region. Special awareness, attention, and global coordination is paramount to combatting artifact smuggling and transit in the region and beyond.

From: Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Centres
16 September
19 September

SDG Action Weekend and Summit

Location: New York

Formally marking the half-way point in the United Nations' 2030 Agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit and Action Weekend will bring together key governmental and non-governmental actors in advancing a stronger, fairer, more sustainable world. IFLA will be there, underlining libraries' essential role in any comprehensive development plans.

From: Powering Sustainable Development
28 September