Becoming a member

How do I join IFLA?
In order to join, please complete our online Joining form. After providing information about your organisation or yourself, you’ll be shown which fees are applicable and offered options for payment.

What is the difference between IFLA Members and Affiliates?
As IFLA is a federation of library associations and institutions, these organisations comprise our Members. Members have both nomination and voting rights. Of course, we warmly welcome individuals who wish to benefit from being a part of IFLA ā€“ they become Affiliates. Affiliates have more limited voting rights, but enjoy all the advantages of membership, including the possibility to nominate candidates in elections.

When am I expected to renew my membership and how?
IFLA membership is based on a January to December annual fee. At the beginning of the year, existing members receive a renewal invoice with further details on their membership. Payment options are also included.

Does IFLA offer a membership badge that we can use on our website?
Yes, IFLA offers a virtual Membership Badge designed especially for our Members and Affiliates. They are invited to display the badge on their website, newsletter or social media profile.

For more details on the usage of the IFLA Membership Badge please refer to Guidelines on use of the IFLA Member Badge.

Iā€™m a Standing Committee member, do I have an IFLA member code?
No, Standing Committee members do not receive an IFLA member code as they are not necessarily formal Members or Affiliates of IFLA. Only Members and Affiliates who have paid their IFLA fees receive an IFLA member code. We invite Standing Committee members to join the Federation by becoming an Affiliate or by encouraging their institution or association to become a Member of IFLA.

Membership fees

What is the cost of IFLA membership?
IFLA offers a range of membership categories and fees vary according to the categories. For further details, refer to the information about the annual fees for associations, institutions, and individuals.

Do you have discounted fees for developing countries?
Yes, IFLA recognises that libraries in some countries require greater support to be part of the federation. IFLA uses a range of bands for fees for each category of membership.

In the case of International Associations, Other Associations, and Institutional members, the relevant band is determined by the country and location of your organisation. IFLA uses the UNESCO Scale of Assessment and the United Nations List of Least Developed Countries.

Find your country and IFLA Band.

Meanwhile, membership fees for National Association Members are organised into bands determined by their operating expenses. Find out how these bands are defined and the applicable fees.

How can I pay the membership fee?
IFLA Members and Affiliates usually prefer to complete payment by secure credit card link or bank transfer.

Payment by credit card is certainly the fastest and least expensive way to make your payments. Bank transfer is used by many organisations but can take longer and involve bank fees which must be paid by you to ensure that IFLA receives the full amount of fees due.

Other payment options include UNESCO Coupons and electronic invoices via PEPPOL or ChorusPro. Please contact [email protected] if you are having difficulties with payments and we would be happy to discuss options.

Note that many organisations are now requiring IFLA to register as a supplier in their accounting system and doing this individually in many countries around the world can add time to the payment processes.

What is the handling fee?
In order to cover bank transfer costs, a handling fee is added to renewal invoices after the first year of membership. No handling fee is charged when first joining.

How can I access the Member Online Services?
All existing Members and Affiliates have access to a member online area where they can see their membership details and pay outstanding fees ā€“ IFLA Member Online Services.

Access IFLA Member Online Services and login with your registered email and password. If you do not remember your password, please contact [email protected] for further assistance.

Handling of personal data

As an IFLA Member or Affiliate, can I access your contact database?
As an organisation working with the personal data of European Union citizens, IFLA must comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). IFLA collects a minimum level of information about its members for use within IFLA only. IFLA does not sell or make available its membership list with contact details.

However, we maintain a list of all IFLA association and institution members, organised by country, on our Members page.