IFLA offers four categories of membership for institutions and institutional bodies – Institution, Institutional Sub-unit, One-person Library Centre, and a School Library.

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If your organisation is a library and information centre, library school, bibliographic and research institute, or other institution or body that would like to contribute professionally to the activities of IFLA, you can join as an Institution.

Institutional Sub-units

If your library is situated within a faculty or a department of a university or larger institution, you can apply for Institutional Sub-unit member status. The university or larger institution (usually via its main library) must be a full Institutional member of IFLA to enable other (campus) libraries to enjoy Sub-unit membership.

One-person Library Centres

If your library or information centre has only one full-time equivalent staff member, you can join in a membership category – One-person Library Centre.

School Libraries

If your library is within a primary or secondary level school (or their equivalents), the School Libraries membership category might be for you.

Membership fees

Institution members are subject to a system of differentiated fees, organised into bands. We have three bands based on the UNESCO Scale of Assessment and the United Nations List of Least Developed Countries.

The band into which the country where your institution is based falls will determine the level of fees payable:

  • Band 1 – UNESCO assessment is 0.251 or higher
  • Band 2 – UNESCO assessment between 0.001 and 0.250
  • Band 3 – institutions from countries on the UN List of Least Developed Countries

Explore below what the annual fees, voting rights and free Section membership are for each of them.

Free registration to relevant Regional Division is included in addition to the number of free Sections.

Band Annual Fee (Eur) Free Sections Votes
Band 1 601 2 1
Band 2 532 2 1
Band 3 248 2 1
Institutional Sub-units / One-person Library Centres / School Libraries
Band Annual Fee (Eur) Free Section Votes
Band 1 304 1 0
Band 2 261 1 0
Band 3 140 1 0

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